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BBO Clarifies 'Live Nominations' Details

Since we announced yesterday that Charlie isn't eligible to nominate tonight, and confirmed that the nominations will take place live, fans have become confused about the procedure. So, with the assistance of Channel 4, we can now clarify a few things for you:

Firstly, Charlie can't nominate tonight because Siavash, playing the part of King Henry VIII for the Tudors task, chose him on the basis that Charlie struggled to give nominations before. Big Brother obviously intended it to be a negative thing – taking away someone's opportunity to vote – but Siavash managed to put a positive spin on it.

But, although Charlie can't nominate any of his peers, they can nominate him tonight, so it clearly wasn't a good thing because he stands more chance of being 'up'. Just to remind you, Charlie chose Sophia & Freddie at the First Round and Marcus & Freddie at the Second, so he almost certainly would have nominated Freddie again tonight.

The Tudors task has now ended, so former-King Siavash can both nominate and be nominated tonight. However, Marcus is immune from being nominated because in his last duty as the King, Siavash Knighted him.

What fans really want to know, however, is specifically how things will work in terms of the housemates giving their nominations. Well, Big Brother Online can confirm that there will be no face-to-face nominations as in previous twists, and that the Diary Room nominations will be private as far as the group is concerned.

In other words, the housemates will NOT see/ hear who nominates them in real-time, unlike the viewers. This will prevent the eleven flustered participants from being swayed in deciding who to give their nominations to, and should make for compelling viewing given that the whole procedure will come as quite a shock to them.

Big Brother fully intends to reveal the nominees during tonight's second Channel 4 show, but can't give any guarantees because the live nominations could well run over time. Frankly, we're not quite sure how the procedure can over-run if BB intends to be give each housemate a 'strict 60/90 seconds', as mooted previously. Whatever happens, the housemates will definitely be informed tonight who's facing eviction this week, and it will likely be before the 10.55pm show ends.

Lastly, the voting phone lines don't open until Thursday morning this week, and although fans have already started conspiracy theories suggesting that Big Bro is trying to manipulate things, this is apparently down to simple logistics. "Vote lines will open at 10am on Thursday the 25th June. This is due to administration reasons," said a Channel 4 spokesperson.

So, Big Brother fans, tonight's two shows look like they're definitely worth tuning-in for. We can't wait!

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