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Who's Looking Likely To Last In The Game?

We just thought we'd try and predict who might do well in the game this year...

Actually, such articles are hard to write because a 'wallflower' housemate can blossom half way through the series, or the popularity of an early favourite can wane as the series progresses.

Plus, in recent years things have become a lot less predictable regarding an obvious Winner. This contrasts with the year Pete Bennett took part in the show (Big Brother 7), when his winning was pretty-much a foregone conclusion right from Day 1.

Things were somewhat unpredictable last year, as Mikey Hughes was the favourite to win at the start but his popularity subsequently waned. However, the blind contestant pulled it back towards the end to take second place, even though online polls didn't exactly show a huge amount of support for him in the latter weeks of the show.

Kathreya Kasisopa, meanwhile, was looking like she might be the Winner for most of the series, but the cookie-loving massage therapist didn't even rank in the Top 5 in the end.

And eventual Winner Rachel Rice wasn't even the Favourite to win on the day of the Finale, despite polling well since about half-way through the series. That said, for the first half of Big Brother 9 we thought Rach' was a bit of a dullard who stood absolutely no chance of winning, so it just shows what we know!

So, you may want to take the following with a pinch of salt, but we can't help feeling that after just thirteen days in the game Charlie, Noirin and Rodrigo seem like the most obvious contenders this year.

Of course, Channel 4 are bound to put some latecomers in at some point, so who knows what could happen if an amazing housemate turns-up, someone the public absolutely loves. However, latecomers traditionally don't do that well, notwithstanding Sara Folino who arrived in Week 5 of Big Brother 9 but came third overall.

Still, if you think we might be right with our prediction above, you may wish to have a little flutter on the Overall Winner just to make things a bit more interesting. If so, at the time of writing the odds are: Charlie - 8/1, Noirin - 10/1 and Rodrigo - 4/1.

The bookies currently think that Angel (at 9/2) and Freddie (at 6/1) are more likely to win than Charlie and Noirin, but we're not so sure about the Russian boxer or posh entrepreneur's chances to be frank. You may agree with the bookies though?

Anyway, if you place a £25 Bet on the housemates mentioned at the odds listed above, you'll stand to win a profit of £113 for Angel, £200 for Charlie, £150 for Freddie, £250 for Noirin and £100 for Rodrigo if they go all the way.

Suffice to say that if you staked £50 instead, you'd win 2 x the above amounts plus get your stake back if successful. However, as always, you stand to lose your entire stake if the person you back doesn't win.

Just be aware that as more-and-more housemates get evicted the odds will get shorter, so now is the time to go for a speculative bet and reap decent rewards if you get it right. Also, new customers can benefit from two different Free £25 Bets, so in a way you can't lose!

See our Betting Zone section for more details of the Free Bets and find links to the bookies. Good Luck if you decide to have a little fun by betting on Big Brother 10.

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