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You Are Now Voting For a WINNER

Lisa has just been evicted and the voting has now switched from negative (you vote for someone to do badly) to positive (you vote for someone to do well). So, there are five contenders in the running for the remaining prize money, which is slowly creeping back up, but is unlikely to reach the £100k figure it started out at.

Only one of them – Charlie, David, Rodrigo, Siavash or Sophie – can be crowned the Winner on Friday night, and all-but Dave will have lasted the full 13 weeks, having entered the House at the start of the series.

David turned up at the end of Week 6 along with Bea, Hira, Ken and Tom, so has lasted 7 weeks in the game and done well to get this far. Latecomers don't usually last, although Sara Folino, who arrived in Week 8 of BB9, bucked that trend last year by coming 3rd Overall. Dave's best hope would be 4th, to be frank.

Here's a quick recap of the order that the former housemates have left in during this 10th Anniversary series of the show, aka Big Brother 10:

To kick things off, sixteen housemates entered the Big Brother House on Day 1 back at the beginning of June. The first person to leave was Beinazir, who was deemed by fans to have been 'rejected' and not evicted, because she never gained bona fide 'housemate' status (that's why we're always one eviction behind Channel 4 in the titling of our Polls and relevant articles).

Next, Saffia quit the game and then the weekly evictions began; first Sophia, then Cairon, Angel, Sree and Kris. Just before Karly was evicted though, the contestant group swelled when the aforementioned five latecomers arrived, making fourteen housemates in total.

So, Karly got evicted that night, and the following week her boyfriend Ken, the likely evictee, quit the game by hopping over the wall. The eviction was consequently cancelled, and within a matter of days of him going, Tom quit too leaving eleven contestants behind.

That was until Isaac arrived a few days later to make it a dozen housemates in the game, but he quit – the fourth person to do-so – when Noirin got the boot at the next eviction. No-one else quit after that though, and for the next four weeks it was business as usual, with Hira, Freddie, Bea and Marcus getting evicted at the weekly evictions.

Therefore, six housemates nearly made it to the Final, but in the absence of a double-eviction all series, Big Brother decided to have one last round of nominations at the weekend, and Lisa was subsequently evicted last night, just three days away from making it to the Finale.

So, notwithstanding the fact that David wasn't there from the start and so he can't really be deemed to have beaten Beinazir, Saffia, Sophia, Cairon, Angel, Sree and Kris, the five Finalists have effectively beaten seventeen others to earn their shot at the prize money.

Who wins it? YOU decide!

Voting lines are now open and will close during Friday night's Finale (Friday the 4th of September 2009). You can find the voting telephone numbers by clicking here.

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