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Who Wins Tonight? YOU Decide!

Tonight, Friday the 4th of September 2009, either Charlie Drummond, David Ramsden, Rodrigo Lopes, Siavash Sabbaghpour or Sophie Reade will win Big Brother 10 and scoop the remaining prize money. And unlike last year, it's a bit more clear what's likely to happen at the series Finale.

We say that because even on the day of the Finale last summer, we had no idea who was going to win. The bookies thought it would be Mikey, but Polls had the blind radio producer in 4th Place and Rachel in 1st. However, both were wrong in a way, as Rachel won and Mikey came a very close second.

This year, it looks like Sophie has it all sewn-up after a late surge in popularity, and we wish we'd take our own advice from six weeks ago, when we suggested that the glamour girl was a good outside bet at odds of 8/1.

So, Polls indicate that Sophie is likely to win (mainly because she's 'nice'), and that Siavash will come second, although we can't stress enough that fans shouldn't just sit back and think it a foregone conclusion. If you really want Sophie to win for instance, you MUST register a vote or two in the public vote, or you could be in for a shock.

We picked on Sophie there because she's top of the Polls, and also because Siavash supporters have become very vocal on discussion forums, suggesting that they'll multiple vote for him to ensure that he wins. And many thousands of fans all voting 10 times for the same hosuemate can make a difference.

That said, it could all be hot air and we could be in a situation like we were during Big Brother 7 a few years ago. That year, fans went into an online frenzy of support for Aisleyne right at the end of the series, making it look like she could win and even claiming that 'inside sources' had leaked info suggesting she was ahead of long-term favourite Pete in the public vote.

In the end though, she came 3rd Overall, and in reality the promotional model was quite a way behind eventual Winner Pete Bennett and Runner-up Glyn Wise in the public vote.

If that happens again this year, and Siavash's support is all hype, someone like Rodrigo might even come second, which would be a huge surprise given that he started-off well but became a bit too moody and serious half-way through the series. Still, the good-looking Brazilian seems to have lightened-up a bit lately.

That leaves Charlie and David, who, according to the Winner Polls, are fighting it out for 4th and 5th place (although such Polls aren't always accurate).

You might be tempted to think that latecomer Dave will automatically come last tonight, which is what the bookies think. However, don't be surprised if he beats Charlie, because fans have really taken against the oft-silly but sometimes nasty Geordie in recent weeks. Actually, that's not entirely fair on Dave, who's a likeable, if slightly annoying guy in his own right.

To wrap things up, we won't bother going into the virtues of the five Finalists, as none of them have been on a particularly special journey and we're sure you can make your own mind up. On that note, don't forget that you can always switch allegiances if your preferred Winner gets evicted early tonight, as voting continues until late in the game.

You can find the voting telephone numbers for all the Finalists in another article from Week 13 of our Big Brother 10 News section. Don't forget to watch tonight's coverage of the Finale; you can find the Finale Night TV schedule here.

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