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Thirteenth Round Nominees Announced

Big Brother surprised the group by suddenly calling them in for another round of nominations yesterday, which isn't the norm because there's not usually any nominations in the last week of the game. Anyway, after three members of the group nominated and three abstained and were consequently punished, the result is that all six housemates are 'up'.

So, it's Charlie vs David vs Lisa vs Rodrigo vs Siavash vs Sophie, but really, only three of them have a chance of going tomorrow night, because Rod, Siavash and Sophie are definitely safe in our opinion.

To hear that Lisa isn't safe won't come as a surprise to many fans, as they've been 'gunning' for the wannabe Top Dog all series. Okay, so she has arguably become less horrible in recent weeks, but to be honest, Lisa is only in there now because Big Bro messed with things in a bid to help her out.

So, we know that Lisa's not liked, as Polls have indicated as-much week-after-week, but it may come as a surprise for some fans to hear that Charlie might not make it to the Final.

Although the oft-silly Job Centre worker initially seemed like a chirpy, fun character, he has shown a nasty side over the weeks, and his continued allegiance to Lisa will probably be his undoing.

Plus, although it hasn't featured much in the highlights shows, many fans don't like his creepy 'Nana' character, which wasn't very funny the first time he did it, let alone the tenth. Also, some fans have started to suspect Charlie of wheeling out the old 'I'll do something worthy with the money' sympathy ploy, which we first noticed a few weeks ago.

So, it looks like either Charlie or Lisa won't be making it to the end of the game, and although David is actually closer to Lisa than Charlie is, he is such a no-mark contestant that people probably won't be bothered enough about him to pick-up the phone and vote him out. Okay, that sounds a bit harsh, and he's probably quite nice in real life etc., but it's true.

Lisa was recently all-but congratulating herself for getting to the Final, but we don't know whether it'd be more satisfying to get her out now and burst her little bubble, or to allow her to get to the Finale, only to be evicted quite early-on and find-out that she only had about 2% in the public vote to Win?

Who stays, who goes? YOU decide!

Seeing as it's by no means a foregone conclusion, it might be worth having a flutter on the outcome of the eviction just to spice things up? If you look in our Betting Zone section you can find details of some FREE Bets, and also links to three bookies, where you'll be able to find the latest odds.

Otherwise, it might be worth having a little bet on the Outright Winner, especially as you can't lose effectively because if you stake £25, the bookies will give you a bet worth £25 for free.

The 12th Eviction of Big Brother 10 will take place on Tuesday the 1st of September 2009, and voting lines will open tonight. The voting telephone numbers will be published in another article from Week 13 of our Latest News section soon.

Don't forget to go and vote in our Home page Poll relating to the 12th Eviction, which has now gone live along with a couple of other Polls and will run until Tuesday night, when we'll put a few new Polls on shortly after the eviction.

Remember though, the Polls are just for fun, and you still need to register a phone vote-or-two if you desperately want rid-of a particular nominee.

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