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How Long Should The Last Ever Series Be?

We've just started a new Poll (see the right-hand column of our Home page, scroll down) asking how long you think the last ever series of Big Brother UK should be?

It was announced recently that the show has been axed by Channel 4, and that Big Brother 11 in the summer of 2010 will be the last series shown by the broadcaster, with a Celebrity version taking place beforehand in the New Year.

Of course, there's a chance that the show could get picked-up by another Channel, but if not, it'll be your last chance to watch it. So, how long do you think it should be?

The original series way back in the year 2000 was just 9 weeks long, as were series 2, 3 and 4 in 2001, 2002 and 2003, the latter becoming known by fans as 'the series we don't talk about', mainly because not much happened really.

Mind you, it was always gonna' be hard to follow Big Brother 3, which introduced us to the late Jade Goody, and is many fans' favourite series.

2004's series 5 (blimey, was the famous 'Fight Night' that long ago?) was extended to 10 weeks, and for 2005's Big Brother 6 the run became 11 weeks. But the last four series – BB7, 8, 9 and 10 in 2006, 2007, 2008 and this year – have been a whopping 13-weeks long.

However, we've been saying for a good couple of years that they should probably cut it back and make it faster-paced in-order to sustain the momentum. You know, perhaps only run the series for 10 weeks in total, but have two evictions a week.

It's just that 3 months+ is a long time to have to follow the show. We say that because in recent years, a number of fans who've religiously watched the live feed or periodic daytime coverage, have been keen to get back to watching other programmes during the final few weeks of the series.

Okay, so no-one forced them to watch so much Big Brother, but if you've ever watched the live feed you'll know that it can be very addictive! Indeed, it can take over your life to an extent, epecially when you consider that in recent years fans have been able to watch the show literally 24 hours a day, with just advert breaks disturbing their viewing.

This year though, there was no daytime live feed and indeed no live coverage before 11pm, and consequently there was less hype, very little tabloid coverage and not so many people talking about the show at the office water cooler.

Hence it's truly ironic that fans have moaned about it being hard to commit to watching Big Brother (especially the live feed) for 13 weeks before, but when Channel 4 gives them much less coverage, it pretty-much kills-off the show.

Anyway, we're rambling now, but whether you agree that BB11 should be shorter, or think that the last ever series should be as long as possible, please go and vote in our Poll.

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