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Sophie: "I Will Not Go Out With Kris"

Having said yesterday that she couldn't wait to see Kris, Sophie has stated tonight that she categorically will not get together with the former housemate and pseudo-boyfriend when she leaves the Big Brother House.

This came after Big Brother gave the housemates a selection of recent gossip magazines to read this afternoon, just to pep things up (Heat, Zoo etc).

Having read the headline 'Is Sophie Pregnant?', she assumed that Kris had sold a story to one of the mags, and was angry that he was quoted as saying 'A gentleman never tells' when quizzed about whether he'd had sex with her while in the House or not.

To us, playing devil's advocate for a minute, it was more that Kris was either defending her honour, or perhaps keeping the information private so that they could sell a joint story when she gets out.

And the accusations about her being pregnant are really a reference to the fact that she has piled on a good few pounds over the past ten weeks. That said, Sophie did tell Noirin that she and Kris had had sex at one point, but has since stated that she was drunk when she said it, effectively claiming that it isn't true.

Still, if pregnant, a baby wouldn't show that quickly, so the mags are basically saying she has been getting fatter as the weeks have gone on, something BBLB's George Lamb has made reference-to many times, talking about the amount of 'timber' that the glamour girl has gained.

But Sophie was furious that Kris hadn't denied the suggestions of sex between the pair, and went on-and-on about what she'd read all afternoon and evening.

She was also seething that he'd seemingly signed-up with a particular agent, one that she forbade him to go with once they got together in the House, because during pre-show dealings her mum hadn't liked the way the management company does business.

Talking in her ten-to-the-dozen whiny voice, the Cheshire model declared tonight: "When I leave here I'll be single. I will not go out with him. I will not, (I) guarantee, sell one story with him. 110%. What I say, I can say myself; I don't need him there".

Stating that she was really pi**ed-off with Kris, the 20-year-old blonde claimed that she loves Rodders more, and hoped that the former won't be there when she gets out.

Oh dear Krissy-boy, it looks like the last five-and-a-half weeks of celibacy, appearing on BBLB and pretending that you love Sophie has all been for nothing mate!

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