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Eleventh Round Nominees Announced

The Eleventh Round of nominations took place yesterday and Big Brother had to choose the nominees for Siavash and Sophie after they both refused to nominate (more details here). As a result, with one housemate having received 5 nominations and two jointly-receiving 3, the people facing eviction this week are: Bea, David and Marcus.

Right, although it's tempting to do cartwheels across the floor in celebration of a certain person being 'up' this week, let's first take a look at David's chances of survival.

There's not much to say about Dave to be honest, because he's very much an 'also ran' housemate. In the popularity stakes he ranks around Lisa and Bea, not because he's really hated, but because he's just not a strong enough character to gain mass support. Again, it isn't that he's not likeable, as such.

However, he is very dippy, oft-annoying and not to mention the fact that he's up Bea and Lisa's butt, which is partly why he's not liked and can't win. But he's very unlikely to be evicted on Friday; not when he's up-against more controversial characters.

About Marcus, we've been told by a few fans that we need to lay off Marcus now, and indeed public opinion about him seems to have changed a bit, even though for weeks-on-end he was second only to Lisa in our 'Who Do You Want Out Next?' Polls. So, when we were knocking him, it was justified because he was unpopular.

Actually, even in our most recent Poll, which we've just closed, he was second only to Bea. That said, it was very close between Charlie, Lisa and Marcus, but all three had around a tenth of the percentage that massive hate-figure Bea had in the same Poll.

Marcus undoubtedly gained popularity for having challenged Bea last week, and has now become something of a Rex Newmark/ Jason Cowan figure; not exactly someone that the fans love to hate, but something along those lines. A contestant who could go far because he causes friction and entertains, but probably won't win.

That said, we didn't think that Rachel would win last year until near the end of the series, and if Siavash and Sophie lose support over the coming weeks, it may well happen. In the meantime though, Marcus is very unlikely to go on Friday either.

And now on to third nominee Bea...

Well, Big Brother's intervention has finally given the fans what they want, and that's the opportunity to give Bea a huge kick out of the door. Some praise has to go to Siavash (and Sophie) though, for being brave enough to flout the rules and risk losing public favour, a consequence of which Bea is up this week.

Bea painted herself as some kind-of passive 'hippy-chick' when she first arrived in the Big Brother House, but the 24-year-old latecomer has proven to be anything but, showing that she's actually a bitchy, self-important, contrary, argumentative, moany and manipulative cow (to use the fans' vernacular!)

There is no possible way that Bea can survive this week. Even if Big Bro was to halve the number of votes that she receives just to do her a favour, she'll still get evicted! Yep, Bea's fate is already sealed and she will leave on Friday night with over 80% in the three-way public vote. Only her quitting can mess things up.

So, who goes? YOU decide... unless Bea jacks it in before the eviction, in which case she decides. Hold your breath, BB fans!

The 10th Eviction of Big Brother 10 will take place on Friday the 21st of August 2009, and voting lines will open shortly. The voting telephone numbers will be published in another article from Week 11 of our Latest News section soon.

Don't forget to go and vote in our Home page Poll relating to the 10th Eviction, which is now live and will run until Friday evening. Remember, it's just for fun though and you still need to register a phone vote-or-two if you desperately want rid-of a particular nominee and don't want a shock result, like last week.

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