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Big Bro Chooses Siavash & Sophie's Nominees

The Eleventh Round of nominations took place yesterday afternoon, but the refusal to give nominations by some of the group has changed the outcome... again!

In Week 1, six contestants failed to gain 'housemate' status and so went up-against one another in the public vote. It was 'vote to save' that week, but Beinazir didn't make the grade as far as the fans were concerned, and consequently she got sent home.

In Weeks 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6, things were normal: the group nominated, a certain number of housemates faced eviction, the public 'voted to evict', and someone got booted out.

In Week 7 it was supposed to be either the five newbies or the eight longstanding housemates facing eviction, subject to the result of a secret task. However, although the newbies failed their task and were therefore put 'up', six out-of the eight old housemates deliberately messed-up their nominations and were consequently punished.

So, eleven people faced eviction that week, but latecomer and likely evictee Kenneth jumped over the wall and quit the show in the end, so the eviction was cancelled.

In Week 8 things were normal again, but in Week 9 Marcus broke the rules and Siavash refused to nominate, so Big Brother put all eleven housemates 'up' and made it 'vote to save', just like in Week 1.

In Week 10, prior to the nominations taking place, Big Brother allowed the housemates to freely discuss nominations past, present and future, which was supposed to be some kind-of punishment-slash-consequence for the recent rule-breaks. The voting for the actual eviction was the usual 'vote to evict' though, and the eviction took place as normal.

And that brings us to yesterday's nominations, where it was all going well until Siavash decided to abstain from voting again, telling Big Bro: "Biggie, someone has got to go up. Everyone has suddenly noticed that Bea is a negative person. That is everything I hate about the game. I am not going to blame the players as they are in the game and have to play the game. So, I am going to blame the game and not nominate".

Sophie, being the last person to nominate, decided to follow Siavash's lead and refused to nominate too, thereby breaking a fundamental rule just like her Iranian peer. So, not accepting Soph's waffle about it being too difficult to choose this week, Big Bruv decided to give hers and Siavash's nominations for them.

For Siavash, it was the first two people that he came into contact with directly after leaving the Diary Room, and for Sophie, it was the first two people that she mentioned after leaving the Diary Room. However, the defiant pair weren't told how their nominees were decided.

So, here's who everyone nominated, whether they intended-to or not!

Bea: Rodrigo & David

Charlie: Marcus & Siavash

David: Marcus and Siavash

Lisa: Bea & Marcus

Marcus: Bea & David

Rodrigo: Bea & David

Siavash: Bea & Sophie (chosen involuntarily)

Sophie: Rodrigo & Bea (chosen involuntarily)

To save you working-out who's up this week as a consequence, just click here to see clarification and read our opinion on who's likely to go.

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