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The Recent Punishments Explained

Fans have become confused over the recent punishments, some believing that there's a big punishment or eviction twist to come, because of something they read online or heard on the C4 highlights show. However, we can now set the record straight.

In the early hours of Sunday morning, after the argument over a packet of cigarettes stashed by non-smoker Marcus, Sophie felt guilty for causing the friction that ensued. So, she said no less than five times that she wanted to be put up for eviction by her peers, thereby breaking the rules.

Bea subsequently discussed nominations too, thereby breaking the rules and riling Big Brother.

Then, on Sunday, Freddie, Marcus and Siavash failed to get up when the alarm went off, and (Siavash) silenced Big Brother by switching the speaker off in the Diary Room. But having been sent to prison later in the day for being naughty and wilfully breaking the rules, they broke-out after deciding that it was too hot to sit in jail.

So, the entity reprimanded them for their escape and said that it didn't appreciate their bad language. Freddie hit back, however, telling Big Brother that it doesn't respect them, and treats them like kids.

Nevertheless, the omnipresent power subsequently took away the group's luxury food and replaced it with basic rations, after gathering everyone together and telling them: "As housemates are continuing to disregard the Big Brother rules, all housemates will be punished".

By yesterday afternoon (Monday), however, the entity had obviously been stewing over all the disrespectful behaviour, and having not really punished Sophie, Bea or anyone else who'd discussed nominations recently, decided that the housemates would face more consequences for their recent rule-breaks.

So, having already confiscated the group's fodder the day before, Big Bro permitted everyone to discuss nominations shortly before the Tenth Round got going. From that moment on, and until further notice, they were be permitted to openly discuss nominations with each other, be it who they nominated historically, or who they intended to nominate in the future.

We're not entirely sure what the entity was thinking about when it imposed this punishment-slash-consequence though?

Perhaps the producers thought that Bea that would get the blame for causing all the friction the other night (i.e. it would be a proper punishment), or more likely, they were getting their own back on Marcus for his highly rude and disrespectful behaviour towards the people behind the voice of Big Brother.

In other words, the producers banked on him asking his peers to nominate him, and seeing as they already know that he's not popular with the public, saw it as a chance to get him out-of their hair.

Anyway, on the matter of whether there are any further punishments or twists to come in relation to the rule-beaks up to and including those perpetuated on Monday, Channel 4 have clarified that Big Brother has taken the above action, so basically that's it for now.

Still, the noms thing is a strange 'punishment', eh?

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