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Tenth Round Nominees Announced

Last week, Big Brother put all of the housemates up for eviction as a punishment for Marcus and Siavash breaking the rules. This week, rule-breaks have once again affected the outcome, but not in the same way...

Fed-up with the housemates' recent bad behaviour, Big Brother imposed a couple of punishments on Sunday and Monday, which meant that Marcus was able to ask his peers to nominate him, thereby making their decision easy (only Siavash didn't vote for him). Also, they were already against Freddie after the friction over the fags, which he inexplicably got blamed-for despite the fact that it was Sophie who brought the issue up, and Sophie who challenged Marcus. Hey ho.

Anyway, after all nine housemates nominated yesterday at the Tenth Round, the result is that the following pair are facing eviction this week: Freddie and Marcus.

So, to use a tabloidism, it's 'Brain vs Brawn' this week, and we're slightly gutted that Sophie and Bea weren't just penalised for discussing nominations in the traditional way and put 'up' too. Fans will also be gutted (angry, even?) that once again they've been denied the opportunity to get shot of Lisa, who's second only to Bea in the most-hated housemate stakes right now.

Indeed, it's getting a bit crazy when Lisa has been either top or second in almost every one of our 'Who Do You Want Out Next?' Polls throughout the series, but Big Brother has arguably contrived to keep her in on occasion, when she should have been up.

We digress, because it's all about Freddie and Marcus this week, so which one should stay and which one should go?

These days, Marcus isn't quite as ridiculous, egotistical and crude as he has been in the past, but that's part of the problem; as a BB character, we're starting to think that we've seen all he has to offer now.

After all, we've witnessed his would-be 'hardman' persona, weird stalker-like behaviour, childish sulkiness and rebellious and argumentative side, so is there any reason to keep him in any longer, especially as all he does late at night is mope around on his own? Okay, at least he stays-up late, but it's hardly entertaining to watch.

Marcus has also been saying for a while that he wants to go home, even telling Freddie and Siavash last night that he would rather be sat at home watching the show than be on it.

With regards to Freddie, he definitely has his faults, but he has the sort of flaws that some viewers might recognise in themselves. He's quite real (compared to the deluded Marcus), despite his privileged upbringing and airy-fairy ways. His calm reaction to Bea's vitriolic attack the other night was admirable, and he's very astute as-to what's going-on in the game, who's manipulating who etc.

Okay, so Freddie thinks about gameplans quite a lot, but then we would rather watch that, than someone who worries about what their hair looks like all the time, or what magazine deals they'll get out-of their appearance on the show.

Keeping Freddie in will undoubtedly prolong the friction with Bea and give us something to watch, but more importantly, being a very strong character and an intellectual to boot, he is probably more suited than Marcus to backing-up his mate Siavash against Bea and Lisa et al.

Fans of his or not, we feel that there's more to come from Freddie, and for that reason we'd like him to stay this week, although we accept that the public vote could be close.

So, who stays? YOU decide!

The 9th Eviction of Big Brother 10 will take place on Friday the 14th August 2009, and voting lines are now open. The voting telephone numbers can be found in another article from Week 10 of our Latest News section.

Don't forget to go and vote in our Home page Poll relating to the 9th Eviction, which is now live and will run until Friday evening. Remember, it's just for fun and you still need to register a phone vote-or-two if you desperately want rid-of either nominee.

It might be worth having a little flutter on the outcome of the eviction this week. We've made around £400 betting on the evictions so far, and you could win a few 'quid too if you get it right.

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