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Bitchy Bea Turns On Freddie

Bea turned on Freddie tonight after he accused her of having a negative attitude.

It all started after Freddie lost his temper with Big Brother for ordering him, Siavash and Marcus to sit in prison in direct sunlight. When the lads broke-out of jail, Bea branded Freddie a 'rebel without a cause', provoking the entrepreneur to accuse her of guilt-mongering and spreading negativity in the House.

Bea was incensed with his comments, and most of the group sided with the non-hippy recruitment consultant as she bickered with her one-time closest pal. Charlie told Dave and Lisa in the garden later in the evening: "I think he's finally found his match, someone to put him in his place". Habitual suck-up Charlie then went and kissed Bea.

Marcus sympathised with Freddie though, telling his posh peer that he'd told Bea she was out-of-order to say what she said, and that she shouldn't always feel the need to open her mouth. The Wolverine lookalike also claimed to have told Bea that she worries about things too much i.e. sticks her nose in.

But although Bea vowed not to rise to Freddie's bait when speaking to Charlie, she went-on to moan about Freddie all evening and then had it out with him at bedtime.

"Don't come banging on my door unless you want it opened," spat the 24-year-old Bristolian, re-iterating how shocked she was with his comments. She also pointed-out that he'd had the advantage of being the cleverest housemate for some time, in effect suggesting that she was more than a match for him in terms of intellect.

In a vitriolic attack, Bea then accused Freddie of orchestrating outcomes and thinking that he can always win verbally, of waffling negative and offensive sh*t, and of being paranoid that people are always talking about him, before repeating that she was shocked and offended by his behaviour.

She then scolded the Oxford graduate like you might a teenage boy, telling him in a horrible tone: "You've got some cheek," and saying "You've upset me and I'm not interested in hearing what you think when you know f**k all".

Defending his 'guilt-mongering' accusation, Freddie said that the whole House had grown tired of Bea's negativity and bitching, even if she just saw it as voicing her opinion, but again Bea told him that he had a cheek.

Freddie told Bea that he was shocked at her negativity, saying it's not the Bea he met when she first arrived, but in response a dismissive Bea replied: "People see what they want to see," before refusing to talk to him any more and telling him to be quiet.

The thing is Bea, the public have now seen all they need to, and they can tell that you're not some kind-of pacifist hippy, you're a disloyal, nasty, bitchy, trouble-seeing and argumentative cow.

Indeed, Bea proved Freddie right with his 'bitchy' accusation by getting-up for a fag, being followed out into the garden by Charlie, Lisa and David, stating that she didn't want to talk about Freddie, but launching into a full-on bitching session nevertheless.

And let's not forget the hypocrisy of it all, given that she nominated both David and Lisa at the last round of nominations, and they nominated her too.

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