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Bea And Marcus Clash Over 'Negativity' Accusations

When Bea and Charlie admitted to Marcus that they'd stolen some of Freddie's booze tonight, it turned into a lengthy argument over Bea's buzzword: 'negativity'.

"You can't 'nick his stuff, that's not cool," said Marcus, commenting on the cider theft, but in response Bea just spat: "Well, Freddie's not cool". And when Bea said that nominee Freddie will likely be going on Friday anyway, Marcus opined that he thought she was going to be positive from now on, which started Bea off on a rant about not being 'put in a negative box'.

Earlier in the evening, Bea told Charlie: "Generally, I do get along with people really easily," and then mentioned Freddie, but claimed that she didn't want to sound like she was bitching. But that didn't stop the vitriolic 24-year-old dubbing the entrepreneur a 'noddy', a tw*t, a bloody annoyance and an absolute numpty while chatting to Marcus.

The bitchy recruitment consultant then stated that she won't be made to feel like a negative person for speaking her mind, but Marcus re-iterated that her behaviour is definitely not positive, and warned her to expect a backlash when she gets out. However, Bea simply refused to accept that millions of people might agree with him.

As the bust-up rumbled-on and Bea continued to refute the negativity accusations, Marcus accused the recruitment consultant of always bringing-up Freddie and of trying to manipulate people by putting her negative ideas out there, moaning and making derogatory comments.

The 35-year-old also accused Bea of being dismissive, sticking with her view no matter what, and of always telling people to shut up, something she would soon prove him right on.

Major 'suck-up' Charlie attempted to mediate, saying that Bea felt victimised and bullied by ex-pals Freddie, Marcus and Siavash, but many fans have seen it a different way, outraged that Bea has been allowed to bully Freddie recently.

Indeed, Bea tried to play the victim, saying that Marcus' accusations about her being negative were unfair, but when mediator Charlie said that tomorrow is another day, Bea displayed her usual dismissive attitude, snapping: "I'm going inside. I don't want to talk about it any more".

"I'd actually prefer, Marcus, if you just stayed away from me and don't give me any of your opinions," added Bea, doing exactly what she did to Freddie recently. She then took it one step further, telling the window fitter: "You (can) wrap yourself up in negativity and think whatever you like about me, just don't tell me about it... you can tell the same to Freddie and Siavash, I just want them to stay away from me".

There you go. She did exactly what Marcus said... she was dismissive, told him she didn't want to talk about it any more and refused to consider someone else's opinion.

During the drawn-out conversation – where the words 'negative' and 'negativity' were used a million times – Bea got upset, blamed Marcus for making her cry, said that she felt like quitting, and called Marcus a bully. And yes, that is rich coming from her.

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