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One Person Leaves Tonight, No 'Best Bits' VT

As you probably know if you've been paying attention, some of the 'non-housemates' will be leaving the Big Brother House tonight, Sunday the 7th of June 2009. Well, we can now confirm that just one person will go.

Angel, Beinazir, Marcus, Siavash, Sophia and Sree are the six that failed to attain bona fide housemate status and have consequently had restricted access in the BB House up to now. As a result, they will go up-against each another when Davina opens the voting lines during tonight's extended Channel 4 show.

After showing about an hour of highlights, the voting lines will close (once the competing 'The Apprentice/ You're Hired' has ended) and Davina will reveal who's off home, making them only the second person in Big Brother UK history to have never become a proper housemate. Beefy bouncer Jonathan Leonard suffered the same fate during Big Brother 7 a few years back.

To clarify, it'll be 'vote to save' tonight unlike during a normal eviction when fans are voting to boot someone out. So, we can't help feeling that Beinazir, who quite frankly has made little impact so far, may go. Angel could be in the running too, but here at BBO we reckon that Marcus, Siavash and Sree are too interesting to let them go so soon. And Sophia is too nice.

Anyway, the ejectee won't get to meet Davina for long, and will be sent home with a flea in his or her ear, or more accurately, a bus ticket home. For, according to our sources, a bus will arrive in the garden to pick the ejectee up and take 'em on a lonely bus ride, just serving to humiliate them and re-iterate that they remain a complete nobody.

So, no fanfare, no eviction crowd, no 'Best Bits' VT, and we very much doubt if there'll be any lucrative tabloid newspaper or magazine deals tomorrow morning either. Hey ho. It's a tough life seeking your fame and fortune on a reality TV show!

Please vote in our fun Home page Poll asking which one of the six you want kicked-out tonight. The Poll will be replaced on Monday morning.

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