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A Reminder Of How They Earnt 'Housemate' Status

The group of fifteen bona fide 'housemates', the people you'll be watching for the foreseeable future, is now complete. Here's a quick reminder of how they earnt their status in the game:

On Day 1, the sixteen contenders came out-of hiding and entered the Big Brother House, only to find-out that they were considered 'non-housemates' by Big Bro, or house guests/ hopefuls if you like.

It was Rodrigo who became the first person to gain proper housemate status and have access to parts of the House other than the sparsely furnished living room, toilet and garden. The Brazilian student did this by being the first one to enter the Diary Room during the Launch show.

Rodrigo's challenge, which earnt him the right to stay in the House and avoid the public vote tonight (Day 4), was to convince one of his peers to have their eyebrows shaved off and a comedy moustache and glasses drawn on their face in permanent marker pen. He had just 4 minutes in-which to do this.

Noirin volunteered, and the Irish retailer would have-to continue the moustache/ glasses thing every day until further notice, and for agreeing to do this she gained full housemate status and the right to wear her own clothes.

Later that evening, the phone rang and Lisa just beat Siavash to answering it, automatically becoming the third bona fide housemate. The mohawk-wearing Brummie was given 15 minutes to secretly choose someone as the fourth housemate proper, and she chose Kris.

On Day 2, Big Bro's SAS pals stormed the House and the group had to put forward three volunteers to be subjected to their stress-inducing tactics. After a bit of squabbling, Charlie and Saffia volunteered to walk barefoot over broken glass (it was really sugar glass) and succeeded, becoming housemates number five and six.

Then, the Special Forces team blindfolded third volunteer Karly and pretended to ride a scrambler motorbike over her body (she thought it was real), but the 21-year-old didn't crack and managed to endure 30 seconds of their mental torture. She therefore became the seventh housemate proper.

The same day saw Freddie and Sophie face the option of legally changing their names by deed poll in-order to win full housemate status. This they duly did, and from now on the eighth and ninth housemates will be known to Big Bro as 'Halfwit' and 'Dogface' respectively. We're not going to indulge Big Brother though, so will continue to use their proper names.

On Day 3, Cairon won the tenth and final place by managing to dip a biscuit in a cup of tea for the longest period without it falling apart immediately afterwards. The youngest housemate managed a 25.5 second dip, narrowly beating Siavash's 25.1 second effort.

That left Angel, Beinazir, Marcus, Siavash, Sophia and Sree to fight it out in the public vote, and everyone except Beinazir managed to become bona fide Big Brother 10 housemates.

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