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Big Brother 10 Betting, Summer 2009

We made over £1500 in the end during Big Brother 10, but not all of our bets are listed below. Please visit our latest Betting page by following the above advice for details of all our Big Brother 10 bets.

Wednesday, 19th August 2009 (Day 77)
Big Brother had announced that it was Bea, David and Marcus facing eviction the day before, and it soon became clear that Bea could not possibly survive. The bookies knew this too, so her odds were very low. Still, it was almost guaranteed money, and subject to making sure that we wouldn't lose our stake if she'd quit, we staked £1000 on Bea at 1/20, just to take the inevitable £50 profit when she got evicted on the Friday with 88%. On the day of her eviction, Bea's odds were a mega-low 1/100!  Result: £50 profit.

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Tuesday, 28th July 2009 (Day 55)
When it was announced that Noirin faced Marcus, we thought the former would be punished by fans for taking-up with Siavash after arguably stringing Marcus along, resulting in stalker-like Marcus gaining a bit of sympathy. So, we staked £200 on Noirin at odds of 4/7 (£4 profit for every £7 staked) and won £114 plus our stake back when she was evicted on the Friday, having received 60% in the public vote.  Result: £114 profit.

Monday, 20th July 2009 (Day 47)
The five newbies had recently arrived, so we had a look at Bea's chances of winning, seeing as she was the bookies' favourite newcomer. We also considered whether any of the other girls such as Sophie had a chance of winning. See here.

Friday, 17th July 2009 (Day 44)
The odds for Karly were something like 1/14 (you have to stake £14 just to win £1 profit), so we didn't place a bet during the week. However, literally as the programme started on the Friday night, her odds inexplicably dropped to 1/5; still 'odds-on', but worth a punt at that money seeing as the Polls said she'd go. So, we staked £500 on Karly at 1/5, and collected a decent profit of £100 (plus our stake back) a matter of hours later when Karly was evicted with 50.4% in the four-way public vote. Our Poll had said 54% for Karly.  Result: £100 profit.

Thursday, 16th July 2009 (Day 43)
People kept saying Siavash was one of the only genuine people in the Big Brother House, and he was second-favourite to win at the time, so we decided to back him with a smallish bet, with a view to putting more on him at a later date. So, in our first bet with William Hill, we staked £30 on Siavash to win at odds of 7/2, which will net us a profit of £105 (plus our stake back if he wins). However, as it was our first bet, we are entitled to a Free match Bet of £30 (see details below, although the match bet is now limited to £25).  Result: not yet known.

Tuesday, 7th July 2009 (Day 34)
We knew as soon as we announced the four nominees that Kris couldn't survive, and predicted that he would go on the Friday with around 60% in the public vote. He actually got 63%, so we were close, and the bet we made came right. We'd staked £750 at odds of 1/12 to win a comparatively small (but guaranteed) profit of around £60.  Result: £63 profit.

Wednesday, 24th June 2009 (Day 21)
The odds for the 3rd Eviction were outrageously low for likely evictee Angel (1/25), so a bet was off the cards this week - we'll take a risk, but that's a bit much to ask! So, inspired by something third-time nominee Freddie said about surviving multiple evictions, we wrote this article basically saying that we'd changed our minds about his chances.

Friday, 19th June 2009 (Day 16)
We mentioned Sophie and Kris' relationship (or 'fauxmance' as some fans call it!) and detailed some relevant betting markets here.

Tuesday, 16th June 2009 (Day 13)
We've just published this article speculating who's most likely to last in the game at this stage.

Tuesday, 16th June 2009 (Day 13)
From a Poll that had been running over the weekend since the last eviction, it was obvious that Cairon wouldn't survive against Freddie when the nominees were announced. Indeed, our subsequent Eviction Poll proved to be accurate to within 3% when Cairon was evicted with 73% in the public vote, which was handy because we'd staked £500 on Cairon at the early odds of 1/11. Not a great bet, but it made us another £45.  Result: £45 profit.

Wednesday, 10th June 2009 (Day 7)
In our 'Who do you want out next?' Poll, which went live before the first round of nominations had even taken place, Sophia held over 25% of the vote even though there were fourteen contenders. So, when it was announced that she was up-against Freddie, it seemed obvious that Sophia likely would go, seeing as the toff had just 4% in the same Poll. Therefore, when the betting market opened we staked £500 on Sophia becoming the 1st Evictee at odds of 1/5 (the odds subsequently went down to 1/50) and we won £100 plus our stake back when Sophia was evicted on the Friday night with over 90% in the public vote.  Result: £100 profit.

Sunday, 7th June 2009 (Day 4)
Six 'non-housemates' were fighting it out for the last five places as bona fide housemates, meaning one would be sent packing before they'd even had access to the whole House. It seemed obvious that Beinazir would go because she'd made very little impact in the first few days. So, we staked £60 on Beinazir being the one who wouldn't make it at odds of 4/5 (£4 profit for every £5 staked) and made nearly £50 when she was put on a bus home. NB. This market appeared online during the live eviction show and not before.  Result: £48 profit.

Friday, 5th June 2009  (Day 2)
We placed our very first bet earlier than ever before this year, backing someone to win on just the second day of the series. That someone was the bookies' favourite Rodrigo, who's cute, good-looking, charming and interested in both sexes, therefore stood out as a potential winner. We staked £50 on the Brazilian housemate to win at odds of 4/1, so will make a profit of £200 (4x our stake) and get our stake back if he goes all the way. Actually, even if Rodders comes second we'll still get our stake back due to Paddy Power's 'Anyone For Seconds?' money back offer (which was available until 2nd July).  Result: not yet known.

Big Brother 9 Betting, Summer 2008

We did well during Big Brother 9 last year, simply by following public opinion once again and not placing too many losing bets along the way. Having won nearly £1000 by the final week of the series, we risked over half of it in the last few days of the game and ended-up clearing almost £2000 in total. If you followed our lead and had a gamble during BB9, however big or small, we hope it paid-off for you too. See all our Big Brother 9 bets and our betting from the past six years below.

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