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Housemates Continue To Reflect On Nadia's Demise

Nadia Almada - Big Brother 5 Champion And Ultimate Big Brother Loser

Nadia got the boot on Friday night, but the former Big Brother Winner wasn't prepared for it, and her peers have been discussing the situation ever since.

When the transsexual contestant was evicted, Victor said of her behaviour during UBB that she seemed angry all the time, whereas during her last stint in the House she could blow up, but her crazy laughter was prevalent.

This morning Vic worried if Nadia would be okay in light of her shock eviction, having previously suggested that she wouldn't have been prepared for the bad reception she received (the housemates heard the 'Get Nadia out' chants on Friday night when Davina addressed the House).

Vic also mentioned her anger again today, while Nikki was sad that Nadia had gone, claiming that she really liked her.

Later in the day, Brian speculated that Nadia would probably have snubbed an appearance on the Big Brother spin-off shows BBBM and BBLB. Indeed, the Portuguese 33-year-old refused to go on Big Brother's Big Mouth on Friday night after breaking down during her eviction interview, and also refused to take part in a subsequent press conference and today's BBLB show.

Nadia has been quoted in the Sunday newspapers seemingly blaming everyone else for the way she came across, despite a VT on Friday's BBBM ably demonstrating that she was a lot more bitter, serious and angry this time around, somewhat bearing-out Victor's observations.

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But the Big Brother 5 Winner is said to be suicidal according to her pal and fellow BB5 housemate Marco Sabba, who has posted messages to that effect on discussion forums over the weekend. However, he has been accused by fans of sensationalising the situation and publicising something which should be addressed in private and with the correct help.

If true, we would never want to see anyone get that low, but even if Coolio was guilty of homophobic behaviour that we weren't privy to, as-is the suggestion, essentially Nadia got evicted and booed due to her own behaviour, not his.

She must learn from the experience and try to change her personality back to the feisty-but-fun character we knew before, and we sincerely hope that Channel 4 does all they can to help her.

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