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Big Brother Is Dead (And Probably Isn't Going To Five)

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Big Brother is ending tonight, and we said in this recent article that there's a still chance the show will be picked-up by another TV Channel and get a reprieve. The housemates have also discussed the chances of Channel 5 taking the show within the past few days.

However, we can now put an end to all the speculation, because as of today – the day when the last-ever Big Brother coverage will go out on Channel 4 – that doesn't look likely to happen.

For an insider told Big Brother Online this morning: "Sadly for fans of the show, talks between Endemol and Five have come to nothing".

It is thought that the two parties were unable to agree financial terms, with the broadcaster hoping to licence the show – viewing figures for-which have been in decline for some time – for a lot less money than the programme-maker was able to accept. The length of the contract between the two parties is also thought to be a sticking point.

Channel 5's new owner, mega-rich media mogul Richard Desmond, initially expressed an interest in licensing the show when he bought Five for £103.5 million in July 2010. However, all the subsequent talk about the Daily Star and Daily Express owner agreeing to a quick deal has been pure speculation.

Over the years, Big Brother has been accused of being too dull, too controversial, too long, not strict enough or not fun enough. It has also faced criticism more recently for the wannabe/ freakish contestants, the lack of live streaming, the rubbish tasks, for not providing contestants with enough booze, for the entity being too soft on the housemates and the producers not giving fans what they want.

Fans were looking forward to a rejuvenated format on Channel 5 next year, although frankly it doesn't look like Desmond, who could clearly afford the show if he really wanted/ valued it, is going to pop out-of a cake at tonight's Finale and declare himself the saviour of Big Brother.

That said, even though Channel 4 have given the show a funeral and written R.I.P Big Brother on a fake tombstone, fans should never say never.

We say that because although Endemol has declined to comment, a spokesperson for Mr. Desmond told us today: "Right from the start, when he took over Five, Richard Desmond made it clear that Big Brother was on his shopping list".

"I cannot deny or confirm that talks between the relevant parties have ended, so it remains a case of 'wait and see'."

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Evidently that will give fans hope, but with respect, it doesn't mean that the PR people know more than our inside source does. In fact, it could be the opposite, and we may turn out to be 100% on the money.

However, despite the fact that the very essence of this article is to suggest that the show is finished in the UK, there's always a chance that the Top Bods will resume talks in the future and manage to strike-up a deal.

For now though, Big Brother is, let's just say... cryogenically frozen!

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