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Now Coolio Has Quit

Coolio Has Quit The Game And Left The Big Brother House

Ultimate Big Brother is only scheduled to run for a total of 18 days, but already two people have quit and we're only 5 days in (Josie being the first to jack it in).

For Coolio mutually agreed with Big Brother this afternoon that he would leave the game, following a barnie with Nadia yesterday and yet more friction today.

Prior to John McCririck's eviction last night, the brash rapper riled Nadia by mimicking her while the group were sat around the sofas, which caused her to fly off the handle after John had gone.

Eviction survivor Coolio got aggressive and started shouting himself, and was subsequently called to the Diary Room for a chat with Big Bro.

When he returned, he declared to Nadia: "If I've made anybody feel uncomfortable, please forgive me because that's not how I really am... I'm actually one of the coolest people you will ever, ever, ever meet. If I say I'm your friend, then you know you truly have a friend".

And, making sure that no-one thought he was a real baddie, he reiterated: "I was a gangster at one time in my life and I'm not a gangster any more; I'm just a man. I just want to say that for the record".

Today, however, the 47-year-old totally misjudged a prank by attempting to hide Nadia's shoes in her duvet, something she was not happy about when she rumbled him.

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Indeed, the Big Brother 5 Winner went nuts, shrieked at the Reality TV regular and dubbed him a 'sad little man'. Out-of earshot Brian joked: "He's like Sam Pepper on acid!", but Nikki sympathised with Nadia, saying: "Her shoes are so important to her. It's so childish".

Having visited the Diary Room again to discuss his position, after a long chat with Big Bro, Coolio accepted that he was never going to win the mouthy transsexual over and so decided to quit.

Upon hearing the news of his departure, Chantelle seemed quite sad but Nikki looked pleased. Nadia said nothing.

This leaves eight people in the game, or ten if you count bedsitters Michelle and Victor, who will join their peers in the main House soon.

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