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Nick Will Get Closure From UBB Appearance

'Nasty' Nick Bateman - Ultimate Big Brother Housemate

Nick has told Victor that his appearance on Ultimate Big Brother will give him closure.

During a late-night chat tonight, Vic brought-up the moniker that the tabloid newspapers gave his pal back in the year 2000: 'Nasty' Nick. This was in light of the fact that a devious Nick tried to win the game by cheating, and was confronted by Darren Ramsay and eventual series winner Craig Phillips about it.

The then 32-year-old was duly ejected from the House for manipulating nominations, and went home with his tail between his legs having been captured on tape crying. His behaviour saw him labelled as a 'baddie' from that point onwards, even though in hindsight, Nick's attempt at game-playing was rather tame.

In the prevailing years Nick has been quite critical of the show, despite having boasted that it helped him buy property. Indeed, the former stockbroker earned plenty of money from having his BB1 story serialised by a newspaper, subsequently publishing a book about being a b*stard, appearing in panto and fronting his own TV show.

However, that didn't stop him saying of the show recently: "Big Brother has debased our culture, created melodrama out of human frailty and disability, and encouraged the worst excesses of misbehaviour".

The former stockbroker told Victor tonight that his Big Brother 1 experience has been both a help and a hindrance, and stated that the biggest problem is that people generally think of Big Brother contestants as idiots.

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Nick was therefore reluctant to take part in Ultimate Big Brother, and very nearly snubbed the invitation. However, the 42-year-old had a change of heart at the last minute, and agreed to enter the Big Brother House one more time last week, admitting to Vic tonight that it was cool to be asked back.

He also suggested that Ultimate Big Brother has been cathartic for him, telling Vic: "I've never done a proper interview about the last 10 years... I think doing an autobiography is dull and is self-appreciating, but it's fairly interesting to go from a 9-to-5 job, getting on the tube, doing this show (BB1), and this is the final show".

"It's quit a closure," concluded the man who, it would seem, isn't particularly nasty after all.

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