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John McCririck Is A Big Brother Record Breaker

John McCririck - Has A Face That Only A Mother Could Love!

You've fallen for John's plan, BB fans!

For the obnoxious betting expert planned his own demise from start to finish, and became a double record breaker in the process.

When John entered the Big Brother House on Tuesday night, he did-so holding an 'EVICT ME PLEASE' sign. The 70-year-old held-up this sign whenever he was in the Diary Room, knowing it would be shown on the highlights show.

That arguably broke the fundamental rules of the game, but presumably Big Bruv they didn't say anything because most people break the rules to try and get someone else evicted, not themselves!

According to our sources, John had assured his betting industry pals that he would be at the races today (Saturday), and apparently he'd even backed himself to be the 1st Evictee with a 3/1 bet.

The man with the Womble-like dress sense made no secret of the fact that he wanted to be evicted quickly, and it was his plan to spend the shortest amount of time possible in the House and do very little to earn his fee.

Talking of which, having been paid £40,000 the last time he took part in Big Brother, John was likely paid tens-of-thousands again this time around, and he ended-up doing just four-days for it. Hmm, not bad work if you can get it!

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Chatting to Davina after his eviction last night, John admitted that he'd contrived to antagonise his fellow housemates so they would nominate him, and said that he counted on the public to vote him out first due to his unsavoury behaviour.

And that's precisely what you did, although it wasn't exactly a foregone conclusion because fellow nominee Coolio beat John by the smallest margin in Big Brother UK history (John got 50.6% in the negative public vote).

John's eviction saw another BBUK record being broken too, in that he became the first male housemate to be evicted at the 1st Eviction of the series. Prior to Ultimate Big Brother, a female contestant has always left the Big Brother House first.

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