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Group Remembers The Big Brother Nutters

Big Brother Nutter Ahmed Aghil Returned To The House Briefly Tonight

The UBB housemates discussed some of the more memorable contestants from over the years tonight.

Talking about the former housemates who've returned as guests over the past few days, Victor questioned why they have suggested that the Ultimate BB housemates are a quiet bunch.

In response, Brian said that he can't think of any Big Brother series that was considered quiet, to-which Vic added: "But there was always one nutter in there, wasn't there?"

They then recalled some of the more controversial housemates from Big Brother history, including Shahbaz Chauhdrey from Big Brother 7. The group laughed as Brian imitated the long-term unemployed Scot's famous quote: "Play your part, honey, play your part".

Camp-slash-weird Shahbaz was known for being a bit too touchy-feely with his peers, and his behaviour became more irrational as the days wore on. That said, he only lasted six days in the game before agreeing to leave, after alienating all his peers.

In Shahbaz, there were definitely shades of Ahmed Aghil from Big Brother 5 in terms of his erratic behaviour.

During his own time in the House, Ahmed was accused of semi-letchy behaviour towards Shell, but soon apologised. The property developer was a slightly-odd but harmless figure really, famously declaring: "I am not a sandwich," at one point, and also smashing a load of plates in the garden in protest about the wake-up alarm.

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Talking of which, Ahmed returned to the House tonight to recreate his BB5 outburst, walking around the house and garden smashing crockery. Some housemates had no idea who he was, but of course Michelle, Nadia and Victor knew exactly who he was, and laughed at his plate-smashing shenanigans.

Getting back to tonight's conversation, Brian concluded: "You know how Big Brother contestants always get a bum rap? Just think of the genuine nutters that have come down those stairs, because there was always one. Genuine, genuine nutters!"

Thank God for the slightly unhinged characters, the weirdoes and the downright nutters. So, Penny from BB2, Lisa from BB4, Ahmed from BB5, Craig from BB6, Shahbaz from BB7, Dennis from BB9 and Ken from BB10, we salute you!

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