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Could Josie Do Better Than John James?

Could Josie Do Better For Herself Than John James?

On Thursday, just two days after winning Big Brother 11 and going straight back into the BB house, Josie decided not to continue competing in Ultimate Big Brother and dramatically escaped through a fire exit door.

Chatting to Davina just prior to John McCririck's eviction last night, when asked if she thought she'd made the right decision, the Blonde Bristolian answered: "Oh definitely, I just felt so trapped; I felt so claustrophobic".

This re-iterated something she'd already said on BBLB, which was that she felt the walls were coming-in on her, and so had to get out.

In hindsight, it would have been a much more sensible idea if the producers had put Josie into the House last on UBB Launch night, after all the other Ultimate Big Brother housemates had gone in.

Then, she could have spent a good 30-minutes (chaperoned) with John James and her family, who would probably have reassured her and given her enough of a boost to last another two weeks in the game.

Anyway, at the end of the interview, when Davina asked: "So, is it love? (between you and John)," Josie replied: "I think so, yeah". When John was evicted, however, he was totally dismissive of the tabloid talk about the pair getting hitched, telling BBLB Host George Lamb: "I don't know where that came from," rather than saying positively 'We shall see'.

This has left fans thinking that John still isn't as-interested as Josie is, and John's attitude to the whole relationship thing is about as far away as you can get from Hollywood actor Tom Cruise, who famously jumped up-and-down on a sofa during a chat show appearance to demonstrate his feelings for his partner.

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During the early stages of Big Brother 11, many fans thought that hunky John could do a lot better for himself than Josie. However, we're now beginning to wonder whether it's the other way around quite frankly.

Not that he intends to, perhaps, but is John James only doing it for financial and ego reasons, and more to the point, could Josie do better for herself?

Frankly, the last thing we want to see is Chantelle and Preston all over again. After meeting during Celebrity Big Brother 5, the pair got swept along with all the media attention, enough to get married soon afterwards.

However, although they didn't contrive to get together for financial reasons, ultimately they weren't both in love, so their relationship was doomed.

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