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Josie Has Quit Ultimate Big Brother

Josie Gibson Has Quit Ultimate Big Brother UK

Josie 'did a John James' at around 3.15pm this afternoon and made a run for freedom, leaving via the fire exit in the garden. However, unlike her pseudo-boyfriend, she didn't return to the group.

Having become overwhelmed by her experience last night, the Bristolian – who was crowned the Winner of Big Brother 11 and awarded £100,000 just two days ago – got upset and told Big Brother in the early hours: "I miss my friends and I miss my family. I don't wanna' walk, as I don't wanna' let everyone down, but I just feel trapped in here".

Not long before she quit today, Josie was discussing the possibility of going with Ulrika in the garden, and reiterated: "It's nothing against anyone in here".

When she subsequently left, by sheer coincidence Josie ran straight into John James in the compound car park, who was there to record a message of support for her. "Thank God you were here when I came out," she said to the Aussie hunk, which provoked the response: "You're so stupid! I love you so much".

Then, when asked by John if she'd used the same fire exit he did when he got frustrated about their relationship during his time in the House, Josie answered in the affirmative, adding: "I just thought: 'F*** this, it's not worth it'".

Brian was first to notice that Josie had gone, and rushed to chase after her along with a couple of his peers, but they were too late. Back inside, the camp Irishman told the group: "She was so quick; she must have ran".

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When Ulrika opined that Channel 4 don't really have a show now that Josie has gone, adding that's it's pointless them all being there now, Brian made light of the situation by pushing the Swede towards the door, joking: "Maybe you should leave first?"

However, a great number of viewers won't be amused to hear the news that Josie – who was the favourite to win UBB before she quit – appears to have 'grabbed the money and run'. Even if her fans aren't angry, they are bound to be disappointed in her.

Corin's and Sam's fans, however, will be furious, because if that pair could have survived the controversial negative public vote last week (which should really have been 'vote to save' seeing as all the housemates were up), both could have given Josie a run for her money as far as winning Big Brother 11 went.

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