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Weekly Challenge: Guess The Celebrity Big Brother

The housemates were set their latest weekly challenge today, a game where they were called to the diary room one by one, to guess who the famous voice belonged to.

They were permitted to ask up to ten questions of their Celebrity Big Brother, but the voice could only answer yes or no. The group's prize money was at stake.

As the other housemates watched the proceedings on the plasma screen in the lounge, Dan was first up.

With his celeb sounding somewhat 'posher' than normal, he struggled to suss-out who it was until he was heading out the door. "(It's) Jim Bowen," declared Dan correctly, thereby saving the group £1000 in the process. Smashing, super, lovely.

Next it was the turn of Jay, who simply couldn't put a name to the voice, despite the fact that his peers knew who it was before they even saw his face. Exiting the diary room defeated, the muscleman waffled about how he knew who it was, but his best guess was comedian Jimmy Tarbuck.

In fact, it was master magician and former wig-wearer, Paul Daniels, who's catchphrase is, "You'll like this... not a lot, but you'll like it". However, for the group, there wasn't much to like about having £1000 of their prize money taken away!

Michelle was next to enter the diary room and quiz her celebrity, but didn't have a clue as two cockney geezers answered her questions.

It turned out to be singing duo Chas and Dave, who gave a live rendition of the recent wake-up tune, 'Rabbit'. The housemates were highly amused by their performance and all sang along.

Nadia looked nervous as she entered the diary room but her celebrity couple could not have been easier to guess. As they read out the instructions in unison, the Portuguese banker matter-of-factly stated, "You are the Cheeky Girls!" She was correct.

Shell also guessed her celeb straight away, having already mentioned his name at the start of the challenge. "Are you Sir Patrick Moore?" she asked successfully, before adding, "I think you're really cool".

Stu didn't fare so well, failing to guess the identity of his celeb; it was the kids TV presenter and one-time recording artist, 'condom ears' himself, Roland Rat. Yeeeeeeahhhh!

So, the group managed to save £3,000 by getting three correct, but also lost £3,000 at the same time. The prize fund therefore now stands at £53,500.

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