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7th Official Evictee: Michelle

Michelle has become the 7th Official Evictee of this series, lasting 9 weeks in the game, having almosty made it to the final week. This means that five contestants remain in the house and eight housemates have now departed.

It was something of a controversial eviction, not least because at first, it looked as though Jay was finally set to get the 'boot. However, during the 'Chain Gang' task Michelle really annoyed the public with her overly-possessive behaviour towards Stuart, and that changed things.

In the same way that Victor had suddenly overtaken Jason the week before, Michelle became Public Enemy No.1 as the week wore on, with more and more fans wanting rid of her over Jay.

Indeed, the turnaround was so marked that we restarted our Poll, which was set to run for a week due to the lack of nominations. In the end, our Poll result had Michelle with 65% of the vote versus Jay's 28%. The official public vote had near-identical figures.

Looking at her time in the house, right from the start Michelle flirted with the boys, showing interest in Stuart and Victor early-on, and telling the latter on Day 7 that she fancied both. She remarked that they were, "Good looking people".

The following day, Michelle and Stu were an item, but it was a rocky start to the relationship when the game Geordie 'gal snogged fellow alleged-bisexual Emma during a drinking game.

Stu was very much taken aback, but Michelle subsequently apologised and managed to get him into bed for a snogging sesh!

On Day 13, Michelle got involved in a fun-filled mud wrestling match with Emma, Marco, Nadia, Shell and Stuart. The would-be glamour model duly took the opportunity to run around the garden topless.

Having set a precedent for getting her baps out, Michelle pretty much demanded that she be the naked model for a 'Life Drawing' task the following day.

On Day 15, Michelle moved into the bedsit with Emma, having effectively been evicted by the public. The lovelorn mortgage advisor immediately pined for her man and got annoyed when he so-much as talked to the other girls in the house.

During her five days in the bedsit, Michelle watched all the goings-on religiously and was happy to assist Big Bro in playing pranks on Victor, whereby he received cold showers on a number of occasions.

By Day 27, Michelle was totally smitten with Stu and told Marco, "I thought he was going to tell me to leave him alone," before describing her man as 'The perfect package'.

On Day 32, Becki nominated Michelle with the secret 'Judas Kiss'. This put Michelle up for eviction, even though she hadn't received any nominations from the other housemates. She was not impressed.

A banner was subsequently flown over the house by a tabloid newspaper to reveal what had happened, but Becki dismissed it as an attempt to stir things up. Michelle later declared that she'd warmed to Becki, although she didn't know the truth at the time.

For the 'Boot Camp' task which began in Week 5, Michelle became a Sergeant and chose Jason to be her fellow Officer. It transpired that the Sergeants could avoid eviction, but only at the expense of the other housemates. They did.

However, Ahmed had a problem with Michelle's authority and on Day 46, attempted a military coup by trying to take her clothes and therefore her rank. With the support of her troops, feisty Sarge' Michelle successfully repelled the challenge.

On Day 53, the group were set a 'Wedding Day' task but Michelle was spurned by boyfriend Stu, who refused to marry her, suggesting that it would be too 'weird'.

Nevertheless, Michelle made herself a wedding dress and practised walking down the aisle. Scary!

On the same day, Michelle made a make-shift boudoir under a table in the garden and lured powerless Stuart into it. The pair seemingly 'got it on' and Michelle informed the girls as much the next day, using a rather lame secret code.

On Day 60, the 'Chain Gang' task began, when Michelle was chained to Jason and therefore separated from Stu. But that didn't stop her trying to canoodle with him, however awkward or uncomfortable that might have been for the other chainees, Jay and Shell.

Her outrageously controlling and possessive behaviour during this task became too much for the public and it quickly brought about the 23-year-old's downfall.

Michelle will be remembered for littering every conversation with the affectionate term 'chicken', piling on a stone during her time in the house and getting naked as much as possible!

However, she will be remembered most for controlling every aspect of Stuart's life, hardly ever leaving his side and constantly sucking his face, thereby earning the nickname 'bunny boiler' in the process, a reference to the movie Fatal Attraction.

Thanks for keeping us 'hooked' for the past nine weeks Michelle and Good Luck with your relationship.

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