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Keeping Jay Over Michelle II?

This article is a follow-up to our somewhat controversial article published yesterday with a similar title, to which we received a mixed response. To clarify, we've received e-mails both in support of our points and, notably, against them.

Of course, we're not above criticism, although the content of the response we published last time our coverage got a bit controversial (only twice during a series, that's not bad!), is still somewhat relevant.

In the original article from yesterday, we basically asked why fans were apparently gunning for Michelle now, having become slightly bemused by the sudden backlash.

However, despite the interpretation of some site visitors, notably the pro-Jay ones, we did NOT tell anyone to vote Jason out. We simply asked fans to consider whether they really wanted to keep the former Public Enemy No.1 in the house over Michelle.

The answer has now become apparent: a great number of fans have switched sides and now want Michelle out as soon as possible.

You're a fickle bunch, you BB fans!

Although we stand by our article (after all, there can be no wrong 'opinion', by virtue of definition), we concede that we may have misjudged public opinion somewhat.

Before the chain gang task, Jay was moping around and not interacting with the group - no-one can deny that. Indeed, in the three days in-between Victor leaving and the latest task beginning, Jason was around 15-20% ahead in our Poll asking 'Who do you evicted on Friday?'

However, in a classic case of steering things with the editing of the show, Channel 4 have managed to make Michelle look really bad and Jay quite meek and pleasant. That said, to use an argument we've used in respect of Jay and Vic before, the producers couldn't edit Michelle in bad light unless she had provided them with relevant footage.

Reference Michelle's canoodling with Stu, despite being shackled to someone else, it is slightly odd how the public have started to consider Jason's feelings... we knew something was up when we began receiving lots of e-mails saying that fans felt sorry for him!

After all, and we must re-iterate this point if only to reinforce the ethos of the reference article, the majority of fans have wanted Jason out of the house for many weeks now. And that is a fact.

Still, we've seen more-than-ever-before this year how quickly things can change, and we now accept that Michelle's behaviour has irritated a lot of people. Particularly the female fans?

As one former Jay-hating fan described the situation yesterday, "It is more to do with wanting Michelle out now, rather than wanting to keep Jason in". Right, so now we know.

Don't get us wrong, there are still a lot of people who want Jay out and evidently, he cannot win, but it looks rather like overly-possessive Michelle will be going this Friday instead of the big man.

Just don't blame us if he sits around on his butt, separated from group, and does nothing all next week except whinge!

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