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The 6th E-Vic-tion: Was It A Fix?

The result of last Friday's 6th Eviction has turned-out to be very controversial indeed, with many fans dubbing it a 'fix'.

This came about mainly because everyone expected Jason to go and we have to concede that we were slightly suspicious ourselves. So, we decided to investigate...

In our 'Who do you want evicted this Friday?' Poll from last week, Jay held 49% of the vote against Victor's 28% on Wednesday, a reasonably safe (for Vic) difference of 21%.

In fact, this was the same percentage differential Davina claimed at Victor's eviction, when she said, "Initially, Jay was 21% ahead, with 150,000 more votes than you".

Indeed, the figures were so similar, that it has prompted fans to suggest that Channel 4 fixed the vote for whatever reason, and then looked around the net to guage what the real result should have been.

The thing is why would they fix it for Victor to go?

Fans have suggested a number of reasons: that there was a betting scam, that the producers didn't want to risk both Dan and Shell quitting, that Channel 4 wanted more revenue from prolonging Jay's stay etcetera!

So, we've painstakingly analysed the last 24 hours of voting in our Poll (Thursday evening to Friday evening), basically the same period when Vic is supposed to have overtaken Jay due to his appalling Wedding Day behaviour being transmitted.

What we found was that Victor did overtake Jason towards the end.

Talking in Jay:Vic ratios for a moment (i.e. ignoring the other two nominees), we established that the ratio for voting was 45/55% in that last 24 hour period, so Victor was undoubtedly polling more votes.

If you convert the actual Official figures that led to Vic's demise in a similar way, you get a ratio of 47% versus 53% for Vic. Very similar.

However, our Poll ended with the following result (now quoting all four nominees) Jason 48%, Victor 29%, Nadia 12%, Daniel 11% - evidently, a lot of votes had already been registered in the period Tuesday pm to Thursday pm.

So, how come the Official vote didn't suffer from the same sort of outcome?

We can only conclude that a hell of a lot of people voted 'last minute' for Vic in the public vote, even though everyone we've spoken-to since claims that they voted for Jay!

Can one day really swing the result so much? It would seem so.

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