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In The Money?

Into the early hours of Day 53 and the Jungle Cats were talking about what lies ahead when they get out of the house. More to the point, how much money they could possibly make from being on Big Brother!

"Some people when they leave here could make a hundred 'grand in two years," said Jay optimistically.

It is true to say that a few ex-housemates have made decent money from their BB experience, namely Craig, Nick, Brian and Jade. Kate has also done okay, but the majority sell their story for a few 'quid if they're lucky and then disappear.

These days, media interest generally dwindles shortly after the series ends and Vic and Jay are hardly going to have TV companies queuing to sign them up as kids' TV presenters like Brian Dowling, are they?

Good job then, that Victor isn't bothered, as he told his feline friend, "I'm not money motivated. I prefer happiness".

Of course, the BB5 housemates have been keen to make-out that the prize money isn't important, but then, why would you put yourself through ten weeks of that, complete with all the tabloid speculation and intrusion, for nothing?

Muscleman Jay hit the nail on the head when he revealed that he'd like to follow in the footsteps of Jade Goody and Kate Lawler, by releasing a fitness video.

Gawwd, just imagine how camp it would be if Dan got involved... it could be absolutely hilarious if the pair continued their straight man/funny man routine! Video companies, take note.

Talking of making money, our staff have made over £350 at the misfortune of the Big Brother 5 contestants so far this series.

Frankly, we're not regular gamblers, but there's relatively easy money to be made betting on BB, so if you'd like to see how we've done it, head over to our Betting Zone section where you can also get yourself a FREE £10 Bet.

It's certainly not too late for a flutter and in fact, we've only just backed Michelle and continue to speculate on the evictees each week. A £30 bet on Dan at today's odds of 7/2 would return you £135 should he go the distance; £100 would get you £450 back if the tall guy wins the series. Not bad!

If you decide to follow our lead and go for a gamble, however big or small, we wish you luck.

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