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6th Official Evictee: Victor

Victor has become the 6th Official Evictee of Big Brother 5, having lasted a credible eight weeks in the game. He was the seventh person to leave the house, taking into account Emma's removal in Week 4.

This was not a straightforward eviction though, as to all intents and purposes it should have been his buddy Jay leaving instead. Jason was miles ahead in the Polls and fans have been gunning for him for weeks, just waiting for the opportunity to kick him out.

However, as suggested in an earlier story, Victor's treatment of Shell during the Wedding Task was appalling and could have swung the vote. That said, we are slightly suspicious of the outcome, something we shall detail further in a forthcoming story.

In the end, Victor allegedly received 47% of the public vote, compared to Jason's 41%, Nadia's 7% and Dan's 5%.

Victor began building his bad boy image right from the start, continually talking in 'street talk' and coming-out with all manner of amusing little catchphrases and monikers for himself in the diary room.

Two of the most memorable occasions were when he described himself as a 'slickman-rapper-slash-part-time-hitman' and referred to Kitten's state of mind as being, "About as shaky as Rik Waller doing the Riverdance on a 3-legged tea table!"

On Day 6, Vic's potential chat up lines were laughed-at by Emma, but the following day he attempted to get something going with another housemate, by flirting with Michelle in the pamper room.

However, the s*x-mad Geordie girl was keeping her options open at the time and subsequently chose Stu over 'Vic The Slick'.

In Week 3, the Slickster became the target of bedsitters Emma and Michelle, who's BB-assisted pranks ensured that he had cold showers for a few days, whilst everyone else had hot. The cocky Londoner was not amused.

Then, of course, came Vic's part in the all-out War of Day 20... as if you could forget?!

Upset at the return of the bedsitters and egged-on by Jay's aggressive behaviour towards Marco, Victor and Emma had a massive ding-dong where death threats were bandied about, the Police were involved and Emma eventually got removed from the game.

On Day 39, Victor was banned from nominating along with closest pal and bitching partner Jay, with whom he'd formed an alliance dubbed the 'Jungle Cats'. Their ban was for continually talking about nominations and game tactics.

On day 40, the girls performed a Moulin Rouge routine for the lads, when Vic crawled across the floor doing a rendition of Boyz II Men's 'I'll Make Love To You'. "This is for all the ladies I've ever loved... and all the ladies I've ever banged!" said the maestro.

Victor also encouraged the hilarious and s*xy bedroom shenanigans of Day 41. After the Graduation bash to celebrate Shell's first class honors degree, a drunken Becki smacked Vic's bare bum with a slipper as he and Jay amusingly made up pretend tabloid headlines.

Day 55 brought the fake wedding, during which it all started to go badly wrong for Victor. In his speech, he likened new bride Shell to a tramp's dog and later he seriously upset her by telling some home truths.

A barnie ensued and Victor evidently became Public Enemy No.1, overtaking Jason in the 'hated' stakes.

On hearing the news that he would be leaving, Victor shouted at the crowd, "What (are) you booing me for, man?" There were hugs all round but Vic remained philosophical, saying, "S**t happens".

When it came time to leave, Jason remarked that it must be 'the year of the nice person' and Victor pysched himself up for his exit by saying, "Now I'm 'gonna get booed... (but) when they boo the Slickman, it just means that they love me". Hugs followed.

Vic readied his swagger and, leaning against the wall as the front doors opened, he could not ignore the noise of the baying crowd, which was intense. The cool contestant just lapped it up though, as Davina reminded him that it was, "All panto".

After a quick rendition of 'I'll Make Love To You' as requested by Davina, Victor walked the 'walk of shame', the first time an evictee has done-so this year. By this time, the boos had turned to cheers.

Love him or loathe him, Victor was such a character that he will certainly be missed. If you were to ask yourself which of housemates you'd like to meet, Vic would have to feature quite high on your list, even if you just wanted to tell him what you think of him!

Here at BBO, we wonder if he might have come across as more of an 'alright guy' without Jay's influence?

Anyway, well done Vic and thanks for the entertainment; it's certainly been an interesting eight weeks, watching your attempts to implement that gameplan... even though it was destined to fail by design.

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