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Vic And Shell Talk It Over

A couple of hours had passed since her barney with temporary hubby Vic, but after a previous effort to talk things over was rejected, Shell eventually managed to get the Slickster to chat to her alone in the garden.

Swaggering over to listen-to what Shell had to say, Vic took a seat but maintained absolutely no eye contact whatsoever as the meek housemate told him that he'd been cold towards her all day.

"You obviously have a problem with me," suggested Shell, but Victor denied that he'd singled her out, claiming that he was having a bad day with everyone.

However, when the Glasgow girl mentioned Vic's deliberate snub over refilling his champagne glass, the tell-it-like-it-is housemate admitted that there are things about Shell that irritate him.

When she voiced dismay that he hadn't brought these issues up before, Shell received a cutting response."It's up to me when I choose to say things," snapped Victor.

About the incident when Vic said he would be having 'a night of straight talking', Shell revealed that she'd become petrified over his comment. Vic replied, "You called me a c*** for no reason." The comment was taken back by an apologetic Shell.

Shell then revealed she was upset that the lads gave no appreciation for their poll dancing efforts last night, despite the fact that the girls were flattering about the boys' Full Monty routines.

The recent graduate felt that she had not deserved Victor's curt answers all day today, but the arrogant housemate matter-of-factly replied, "You was irritating me during the task".

Rather pretentiously, Vic thought Shell was hinting that she wanted to 'get it on' with him during the honeymoon, but really she was just indulging in some playful banter, getting into the role of being the Bride.

Shell then asked why Vic had been nice to her seven weeks, but had turned nasty over the past two days, to which he obnoxiously replied, "It's my prerogative to behave the way I want to behave".

Telling her not to make-out that they'd ever had a strong bond, Vic revealed that he intended to have a 'peaceful and informal' 5-minute conversation with Shell, in order to discuss all the things about her that annoyed him.

Quite why he would even need to have such a conversation is beyond us, and Victor's suggestion that the pair would have had a laugh was very wide of the mark and faintly ridiculous.

When can you ever have a laugh with someone who is slating you to your face?

As Victor allowed his guard to drop, the pair eventually hugged, apologised and laughed about it, but you have to wonder why Victor was being so confrontational in the first place... especially with Shell, of all people?

Respect to him for speaking his mind, but we can only assume the picky Londoner thinks that by causing confrontation, he will last longer in the game.

In a strange way, that might actually be true if the public exercise some restraint, but it also means that he could never win.

Not the best gameplan in the world then?

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