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5th Official Evictee: Ahmed

Having lasted a reasonable seven weeks in the game, Ahmed has become the 5th Official Evictee of the series; the sixth person to leave the house.

As detailed in previous stories, his eviction became inevitable towards the end and in fact our fun Poll, which asked 'Who do you want evicted this Friday?', almost exactly matched the official public vote.

In something of a landslide result, with almost 1.7 Million votes registered in the public vote, Ahmed gained 56% against Victor's 29%, Nadia's 5%, Stuart's 5%, Shell's 4% and Daniel's 1%.

In our Poll, which ran from Tuesday pm right through to the eviction on Friday night, the results were: Ahmed 55%, Victor 23%, Nadia 8%, Stuart 6%, Shell 6% and Dan 2%.

So, the exact same order and more-or-less the same figures, making our Poll effectively spot on!

During his time in the house, Ahmed, who was 14 years older than the next youngest housemate, was initially something of a loner and failed to join-in with group activities.

However, Jay soon pulled the Somalian aside and told him on Day 5 to liven-up, get himself noticed and cause some conflict, something Ahmed duly did by instigating an argument with Marco. Remember his subsequent diary room rant? ..."I HATE him!"

Then followed a slanging match with Emma and Kitten over British asylum laws, but it was Day 13 that marked the start of what Vic and Jay amusingly dubbed 'Ahmania' i.e. Ahmed's irrational behaviour.

The unstable property man got fed up with Big Bro playing a wake-up alarm into the house and threw a right wobbler, smashing plates in the garden in a kind-of protest.

Egged-on by the Jungle Cats the following week, he upset Shell with his semi-letchy behaviour, but then apologised after having not realised that he was causing offence.

It was not until Becki arrived that Ahmed truly got some female attention, doing 'the bump' with the newbie housemate and eventually getting to smack her bum with a slipper during the s*xy nighttime shenanigans of Day 41.

He certainly livened-up after Becki arrived and began staying-up later in the evenings, enjoying the Moroccan girl's fun-loving nature and sense of humour.

However, facing eviction in Week 6 up-against his new pal, Ahmed once again went nuts over BB's wake-up alarm and dramatically chopped the head off Maureen, the group's plaster cast model!

The 'beginning of the end' came at the beginning of Week 7 though, when the mad man from Liverpool refused to join-in with the Boot Camp task and compromised its success.

He had already refused to take the role of a blindfolded cow in the previous 'Farmer' task, and his peers had had enough.

Even though they didn't get the opportunity to nominate him, due to the Sergeants passing the Boot Camp task, he almost certainly would have been up for eviction anyway due to his behaviour.

When told by Davina that he would be leaving, the Somalian stood up, punched the air and shouted, "Yes!", but looked decidedly uneasy at the considerable booing that could be heard from the crowd.

There were hugs all-round, with Stu simply saying, "It's been emotional, man", and Ahmed made his peace with Michelle by hugging and saying, "Come on, let's forget it".

When it came time to go, the hugs were repeated as the group sang the A.H.M.E.D. song devised by Jason on Day 18. Wearing a 'Miami Vice' style jacket, Ahmed was cool at the prospect of leaving, saying, "It's okay, it's only a programme".

Just before the doors opened, the crowd chanted, "Ah-med, Ah-med," but as soon as he exited the house, their chants turned to boos. However, Ahmed just lapped it up and jeered the crowd with a smile on his face, before laughing at their response.

Davina soon came and rescued him, taking the Somalian evictee past the Press and up onto the stage, where the pair amusingly recreated the Becki/Ahmed 'bump' moment. Having threatened to quit the show several times, Ahmed had finally got his night with Davina.

You have to admit that whether you liked him or loathed him, Ahmed was definitely one of the 'characters' of Big Brother 5 and has provided some classic 'off the wall' moments - a true rollercoaster ride, to quote the man himself.

Well done for lasting seven weeks Ahmed and thanks for entertaining us along the way... 'ya nutter!

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