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Boot Camp Rules And Duties

Here's a list of Big Brigadier's task rules, along with a run-down of the things the soldiers will face over the coming days:

The six Privates will continue to sleep in the sleeping quarters (bedroom) but must not move any of the mattresses or itchy bedding provided. The two Sergeants will sleep in a Sergeants' Mess, but lower-ranking soldiers are not allowed in.

All Privates must wear full uniform for the morning and evening flag ceremony and for sentry duty - they will incur a fail if they do not comply. At all other times, the Privates may, with a Sergeant's permission, remove their hats and jackets, but they must remain in the rest of their uniform.

Privates must address their superior Officers as Sir. Sergeants are allowed to instruct the Privates to carry out duties for them, including personal requests. The Privates must be ready and willing to help.


Each morning and evening, Big Brigadier will sound a bugle and all soldiers, including the Sergeants, have five minutes from the end of the bugle to get dressed in full uniform and stand to attention neatly on the walkway facing the garden.

The full uniform consists of:

1 x Olive green T-shirt
1 x Camouflage Jacket
1 x Camouflage Trouser
1 x Black Boots
1 x Beret

1 x Green Military Jacket
1 x White Shirt
1 x Green Tie
1 x Green Army Trousers
1 x Blue Peak Hat with Red Band
1 x Black Boots

Any absentees from the ceremony will count as a no show and therefore count as a fail - the group are allowed three fails per day.

After five minutes the ceremonial music will start, upon which one Private must raise or lower the Big Brother flag. The flag must be raised in the morning ceremony and lowered in the evening, to the salutes of the whole company.


Following the morning Flag Ceremony, Privates must complete an exercise drill. On Big Brigadier's whistle, they must run around the garden following the outlined course until the second whistle sounds. Big Brig's whistle may sound at any time during the day.


The Sergeants will be provided with luxury food that the Privates are not be permitted to eat. Privates will also be provided with rations, which should be eaten out of a billycan.

All food must be prepared and cooked by the Privates,including the Sergeants' food. The Sergeants must sit at the dining table to eat their meals, but the Privates must eat out of their billycans, whilst sat on the sofas.


At any time, the regiment can be set an assignment by Big Brigadier. This assignment must be completed by the Privates and the Sergeants are unable to take part, but must instead organise, motivate and discipline the Privates. Assignments include Press Ups, Boot Scrubbing and Potato Peeling. Nice!


From 10pm through to 6am, Privates must take part in Sentry Duty, aka Lookout. On Big Brigadier's command, two Privates must go to the Sentry Post and sit on the stools.

Each hour the Boot Camp searchlights will flood the garden, signalling that one Private should be replaced on duty. Only one Private may swap at a time.

The searchlights will be on for five minutes, during which time the Private who wishes to swap must go and wake up the next man or woman on duty. The reaplacement Private must be sat in the dug-out ready to start their duty, in full uniform, before the searchlights go off.

There must be two Privates on duty at all times between 10pm and 6am, apart from during the swap over times. If these rules are not followed, Privates will incur a fail.

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