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Ahmed Attempts A Military Coup

Private Ahmed attempted a one-man military coup today, but it all went disastrously wrong for the ex-Somalian inhabitant.

Strangely, he informed Big Brigadier in the diary room that a coup was the only answer to the group completing the task i.e. that he would take Michelle's cloths and overthrow her status as Sergeant, so that he wouldn't have to complete the assignments.

So, walking straight out into the garden, he told his bemused-looking senior Officer that he needed to take her clothes to Big Brigadier. However, Michelle immediately smelt a rat and said that if anyone was going to take them, she would.

Heading for the diary room, having told Ahmed that she would not allow him to touch her Sergeant's uniform, Michelle initially looked worried and intimated as the would-be rebel revealed his plan to overthrow her power.

"Why will you not give it to me?" demanded Ahmed, with Michelle calmly answering, "It's for you to tell me why you want it".

"Because I am doing a military coup. I will be Sergeant. You will be Private," said the unstable housemate, effectively having admitted that Big Brigadier didn't ask for the uniform.

The fiesty Officer immediately instructed Private Stu to summon her troops, as the coup got off to a false start and she defied her overthrower. "It's not going to happen," she told Ahmed in no uncertain terms.

With the whole group now in the lounge, Sergeant Jay offered his status to Ahmed (even though he would definitely have faced eviction), but it was Michelle that the unhinged property developer had a problem with.

A slanging match ensued, during which 6' 5" Dan stood in front of Ahmed and told him that he was a big baby who was faking illness.

It was a fantastic event, not least for the way Michelle handled it, but also for Ahmed having the sheer b*lls (or stupidity) to seriously attempt it. After all, if you are going instigate a successful coup, like the one in his home country in 1969, you need two things:

i. The support of your associates,
ii. A decent army, one bigger, more powerful or better trained than the one you are overthrowing.

Ahmed appeared to have neither of these and so it was truly a bizarre move on his part. It made for some great TV though!

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