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Weekly Task: Boot Camp

The housemates awoke this morning to find that a flagpole, spotlights and some other bits and pieces had been installed in the garden, signalling the impending start of the new 'Boot Camp' task.

At around lunchtime, the group was dramatically informed about the task by a soldier abseiling into the garden and placing a cannister on the decking. "It's a smoke bomb," suggested Victor, but Michelle rushed outside to grab it nevertheless.

In fact, the cannister contained instructions for the latest task written on edible paper, which the feisty mortgage advisor read and then duly swallowed, much to the bemusement of her peers.

Heading straight for the diary room, the soon-to-be Sergeant received her orders from Big Bro, now known to the group as 'Big Brigadier!'

Michelle automatically gained the rank of Sergeant and was asked to choose another person to join her as an Officer - she immediately named ex-forces muscleman, Jay.

For the next three days, the Officers will live in their own mess (a secret room) in the lap of luxury, while the six lower ranking Privates will forego their comfy duvets and sleep under itchy blankets instead.

The Sergeants must give orders and rallie the troops into completing a number of tasks, but they cannot help them. And in a now-obligatory Big Brother twist, the effort put-in by the Officers could directly affect their future in the game.

For if they succeed in motivating their subordinates, all six privates will be up for eviction this Friday, and Michelle and Jay will be safe. However, should 'Big Brigadier' deem that the Officers have failed in their duties, the domineering duo will face the chop instead.

They are not permitted to tell their fellow foot soldiers the score, and must do their best to motivate them into completing tasks and duties, aka assignments. The Sergeants must not physically help their troops at any time.

The task will last until Monday afternoon, when Big Brother, sorry, Brigadier, will call everyone to the sofa area and let them know the result.

There will be no nominations this week, so it will either be two or six people up for eviction on Friday the 16th of July.

Check back soon to see how the new recruits get on.

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