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It's Gone Nomination Day Rumour-tastic!

Today is the fourth nomination day of the series and once again, we've encouraged fans to try and guess 'Who will nominate who?' in our Discussion Forums. However, that's not all that our site visitors are speculating about...

For the rumour mill has gone into complete overdrive recently with speculation over what might happen to public enemy no's 1 & 2, Victor and Jason, this week.

During Friday night's eviction show, when Marco was kicked-out, Davina said that Big Bro would be coming down on the pair, but what did she mean?

The consensus amongst fans seems to be that Big Bro will prevent the two Jungle Cats from nominating this week, but we've got a load of our own ideas on how BB could mess with the nomination process. Here's a few of them:

1. Prevent the JC's from nominating, but they can still be nominated by the other housemates.

2. Automatically put up them for eviction, whether they receive any nominations or not.

3. A spin-off of numbers 1 and 2, they are allowed to nominate but Big Bro doesn't count their vote. That will confuse them.

4. Further to number 3, Big Bro doesn't tell them that it has been ignored until the Friday, just before the eviction.

5. Maybe Big Bro doesn't even announce the nominees until the Friday morning? Hmm, that might actually do them a favour...

6. Okay, our best one yet: Big Bro chooses two or three extra 'fake' nominees and announces to the group, "It might be you, it's not you, it might be you", etc. The voting is not rigged in any way, but Big Bro ensures that Vic and Jay are two of the 'might be's', making them stew all week! Surely, this is the ultimate in cruelty, as it's probably worse not knowing if you are a real nominee or not?

7. Lastly, if all else fails, Big Bro can use our 'nomination reversal' idea, which basically means that if, for instance, Jay and Vic do not receive enough nominations, the all-seeing power reverses the voting at the last minute. The result being that everyone except the two or three housemates that received the most votes, would be up for eviction. This could really shake things up and means that people like Dan, Jay, Shell, Stu and Victor could be up, making the whole game less predictable.

Back to the rumours, and there's also been speculation that there will be a double eviction this week and that ex-bedsitter Emma will return, the latter mainly borne out of the fact that she was absent from Marco's eviction.

The double eviction idea is a possibility, but the Emma thing is very unlikely. Then again, with this series you never know!

In all likelihood though, the producers are simply planning to be mean to the Jungle Cats this week and the nominations will go ahead as normal on Monday afternoon.

Still, they haven't decided yet, so if we get any more 'inside' information, like we did before Becki arrived last weekend, we'll be sure to detail it in our Latest News section as soon as possible.

Stick with Big Brother Online for all the best rumours, the latest news and occasionally, inside information from our secret mole... and no, were not referring to that knobbly thing on Becki's 'boat race!

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