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Marco Spills The Beans

Marco has given his true opinion on all the remaining housemates since his exit on Friday night, and here's what he had to say about each of them in the Sunday tabloids:

Ahmed - He takes everything Ahmed said with a pinch of salt, as they are clearly totally different people with nothing in common.

Becki - The Middlesex lad claimed that he'd tried to be civil to Becki, but referre to her as a plastic b*tch who doesn't fit in. Marco was not impressed by what she did to Michelle either, i.e. her 'Judas kiss'.

Dan - Marco thinks Dan was a good peacemaker, but suspects he is playing a game by trying to be nice to everyone.

Jason - The moisturised one was labelled vain and 'fake' by arch enemy Marco, who said that he doesn't like Jason at all and does not wish to see him again. He has also confirmed that he was genuinely terrified of Jay on the night of the big bust-up.

Michelle - Marco was glad that she got together with Stuart and thinks that they have a future outside the house. He also hoped the harem would reform when she gets out, as the pair have a lot to catch up on.

Nadia - Describing his closest pal as an, "Amazing and wonderful person", Marco felt guilty that he'd suspected Nadia's secret in the first few days of the show. He described her as his 'bodyguard' and hopes that she'll go on to win.

Shell - Marco thinks that Shell is a game player and said that no-one seems to have noticed yet, either inside or outside the house. In Marco's opinion, she is one to watch and he was surprised that she nominated him.

Stuart - About Stuart, Marco described him as 'cute' and confirmed that he is well liked inside the house and could win the game.

Victor - Somewhat surprisingly, Marco described Vic as his friend but said that he should have been thrown out as well as Emma after the bust-up. Marco likes Victor and respects his and Jay's honesty in playing the game the way they are.

Talking to Dermot O'Leary on Sunday's BBLB show, the trainee law man said that he was enjoying being out and felt that he would have been unhappy if he'd remained in the house and either Nadia or Michelle had gone.

When quizzed about what went wrong for him, he issued this flippant but cutting statement, "I think the main problem was that Jason was put into the house... and Ahmed!"

About Ahmed's eviction night snub, Dermot asked Marco if that had bothered him and he simply replied, "Do I look bothered?"

Confirming that he intends to meet up with Emma again soon, Marco has claimed that he originally had no plans to become famous, but will consider any TV offers that might arise. Otherwise, he will be back at University next term.

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