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Behaviour Bods Give Us The Low Down

On Sunday night's psychology show, Channel 4's behaviour experts gave their opinion on recent events in the house. Here's what they had to say:

Psychiatrist Dr. Sandra Scott on Victor:

Victor walked into the house with a very clear strategy. He was going to ruthlessly play the game and win. He was going to use his bad boy persona to divide and rule the house. But in the last two weeks cracks have started to appear in his tough guy image and his soft side has started to appear.

Victor aspires to be the tough guy but the real Victor is softer. His ideal self is constructed in the Diary Room. He spends a lot of time talking to Big Brother about his bad boy credentials. In fact, at day 37, Victor has spent 17 hours in the diary room in total - 200 minutes more than anyone else. But a lot of this time, Victor is not talking to Big Brother but to himself in a classic case of self-persuasion. He is convincing himself that he is powerful, strong, strategic and in control. However, his body language is saying something different. His shoulders are hunched; his eyes low and his position in the chair low suggesting that he is more pussycat than jungle cat.

Victor's tough side comes to the fore the most when there is tension in the house. However, when the house is relaxed Victor is increasingly a softy. Maybe his biggest downfall is thinking that he has to be the tough guy to win, where maybe the pussycat would stand more chance?

Psychotherapist Rachel Morris on Stuart:

Stu is the most popular housemate. He is the only housemate never to have received a nomination to date. However, Stu seems to conceal his true personality behind a series of masks and costumes. These act as an emotional shield and are there to protect him.

When he first arrived, he used a cloak of femininity to make himself seem unthreatening and this also gave him access to the harem. Then came a series of alter egos - Tiagra, Super Stu and Johnny Horizontal all served to shield the true Stu. Tiagra was a macho warrior character that helped him get through nominations, as it was Tiagra, not Stu, who was making the difficult decisions.

Cowboy Johnny Horizontal challenged Victor to a duel on Day 23 when he felt he needed to challenge the Jungle Cats, but again this was Johnny not Stu. This trait is called 'displacement' - the characters absorb negativity, not the real person. Since then, however, Stu has made steps towards confrontation, for example challenging Marco when he was accused of nominating him. The question is, will the mask slip further and if it does, will Stu remain so popular?

Professor of Psychology Geoff Beattie on Bitching In The House:

The house has been characterised by bitching. Housemates have been bitching about each other since day one but the intensity and frequency has increased to an all time high. The have been 250 cases in 38 days. The reason for this is that the housemates are all highly competitive - the game itself has been mentioned 185 times.

The men are out bitching the women though and Jason is the biggest bitch. He has instigated 59 episodes of bitching. His technique is safe as he restricts who he bitches-to to a trusted few. Marco was the second biggest bitch with 47 episodes integrated by him. He however was more random in is choice of audience. Dan is the clever bitch as his bitching is so far slipping underneath the radar of the other housemates.

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