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4th Official Evictee: Becki

Having come into the house as a surprise 'standby' contestant on Day 31, Becki has tonight become the fifth person to leave the house, following Kitten, Emma, Vanessa and Marco.

She lasted just 13 days in the game, but had already predicted when she entered the house that it would be a case of 'last in, first out'. So, her eviction can't have come as much of a surprise really.

Can a standby contestant ever win Big Brother UK?

In our fun Poll which led up to the bubbly ex-housemate's eviction, Becki received 60% of the vote, with Ahmed on 40%. It was the same all week and the poll closely matched the public vote proper, where she received just under 62%.

So again, our polls proved very accurate.

Her stay was relatively short, but Becki made an immediate impact upon entering the house by pretending to be Italian. However, she got caught-out when Ahmed, fluent in the language, struck up a conversation!

She then revealed (quite literally) that her ample bosum was surgically enhanced, and confided in fellow boob-job recipient Nadia that she knew her big secret. Having pledged to keep it quiet, Becki showed integrity by sticking to her word.

During her stay in the house, Becki tried to get to know everyone separately but never really bonded with anyone, except perhaps Ahmed. That said, fellow crooner Michelle warmed to the the London girl after what was arguably her defining moment - the hilarious and sexy shenanigans of a few nights ago.

But the thing Becki will be remembered for most, is the very thing that immediately turned the public against her: the 'Judas kiss' which could have ended Michelle's game.

By forcing her to make that secret nomination, the producers didn't really give Becki a chance. Who knows if we fans might have warmed to her if she hadn't done it, or if she'd been there from the start? We'll never know.

With 60% of the public vote, the heavy booing received at her eviction did not really reflect public opinion. After all, Vanessa got 86% of the vote with boos to match and even Marco, who got 52%, was booed at his eviction.

So to Becki we say thanks for entertaining us, but about your singing... don't give up the day job love!

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