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Fun And Frolics At Bedtime

Warning: Please note that this story contains adult content.

Having consumed plenty of wine during the evening at the Graduation bash, Becki and Nadia went totally hyper at bedtime, exhibiting all manner of sexy behaviour!

The friskiness had begun earlier in the evening when the group played truth or dare, during which Jay licked jam off Nadia's boobs and then she kissed Vic on the lips, tongues and all.

Wowser, the Jungle duo certainly have a surprise coming to them when they finally meet Davina!

Michelle was cajoled by Shell and others into stripping off and running around the garden in the buff, carrying a mortarboard to cover her modesty but forgetting to use it.

At bedtime, Ahmed, Dan and Shell were trying to get some kip but Becki was in frisky mode. And then some!

"Here I come girls, are you ready?", shouted the frolicsome thirty-something, before diving on to the bed with Nadia and Michelle. There was giggling and cackling aplenty, as bisexual Becki insisted on tickling and biting the playful pair.

Meanwhile, Jay was coming-up with the customary pretend Tabloid headlines, with 'Big Brother Busty Babes 3-In-A-Bed Drama' being his first, making Victor absolutely kill himself laughing.

With a totally hyper Becki now on the floor canoodling with Nadia, she feigned a loud org**m before Michelle and Nadia dragged Victor across the floor, trying to get his bottoms off.

"I feel violated!", claimed the game housemate.

Next, Michelle and Becki double-teamed Nadia and successfully managed to remove her PJ bottoms and her knickers, with Vic briefly turning the light on just at the wrong moment!

'Gay Man Looks On In Le**ian Shocker!' came the next headline, which was absolutely hilarious given Dan's efforts to quieten things down and get some sleep.

Then off came Ahmed's duvet, prompting a headline about one of the housemates being 'Terrorised In Cover-Off-The-Bed Romp' from a hysterical Victor.

Ahmed then took the opportunity to spank Nadia and Becki's bums with a slipper, before attention was turned to Jay - Becki claimed that the girls needed a strong, strapping man to protect them.

As the cavorting pair spanked first Jay and then Victor on their bare bums, Becki went into full dominatrix mode and started biting Jay, before attacking him with her surgically enhanced breasts, sandwiching him in-between her and Nadia!

Their behaviour was bold, brash, crude and OTT, but it was a hell of a lot of fun to watch and you couldn't help but laugh. Do not miss the highlights of this one!

What we're wondering now Big Brother fans, is: do we really want Becki to leave this weekend? YOU decide.

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