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They DID See The Banner

Still on the back foot and keen to deny any serious friction since the big bust-up of Day 20, Channel 4 has issued a statement about The Sun's banner-towing publicity stunt.

The statement reads:

"A tabloid newspaper flew a message over the house yesterday pointing-out that Becki had nominated Michelle. While this news baffled housemates, it did not, contrary to reports in today's (Tuesday 6th June) newspapers, lead to any arguments, confrontations or disagreements between the housemates. As with all stunts of this nature, (live) streaming was temporarily diverted from the housemates. However viewers will be able to see for themselves how the housemates reacted in tonight's 10pm Channel 4 show."

So, there were no arguments or fighting, which was just pure tabloid speculation as we hinted last night in our Discussion Forum, but it seems that there were discussions about the message by the housemates.

Apparently, Stu was out in the garden and upon seeing the banner, rushed into the house looking rather concerned and confused. Meanwhile, the other housemates rushed outside as they'd heard the plane flying over.

Becki confirmed to Vic that she saw it, Stu would not repeat what he'd seen, but Nadia revealed exactly what she'd read and wondered how Becki could have nominated Michelle, as the nominations were just about to take place.

Of course, what the group don't know, is that Becki was given the opportunity to make a secret nomination by Big Brother last week.

Shell simply dismissed the notion and Vic suggested that it was a publicity stunt, designed to stir things up. As the baffled housemates tried to make sense of the whole thing, they pondered whether to tell Michelle or not - she was in the diary room at the time. Damn!

As soon as the Geordie girl returned to the group (who were confined to the bedroom), Shell and Dan explained what had happened, the former reasoning, "Becki hasn't voted yet?"

How guilty must Beck' have been feeling at that point? Obviously a little, as she trotted-off to see Big Bro and repent her sins!

Michelle claimed she wasn't bothered by it and later, when Becki tried to clear the air, the mortgage advisor played it down, saying, "The game has hardened me up, it doesn't faze me anymore... I'm strong".

"I'm glad", replied Becki.

But will Michelle be as calm when she realises that the banner message was true? Keep it here to find out.

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