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In Comes The 13th Housemate: BECKI!

Just before 3pm this afternoon with the nine housemates confined to the lounge, the group was met with a big shock as hinted-at by Davina on Friday night - a new female housemate arrived, just as we reported would happen yesterday!

As the housemates sat around speculating what might be happening, they went from suspecting that a standby was coming in, to it being a new task, to routine maintenance, to the notion that Big Brother was just winding them up.

However, they revisited the idea that a 13th housemate might turn-up, speculating that it could be an old (hated) friend or a ex-partner. Damn, why didn't Big Brother think of that?!

Meanwhile, newbie housemate Becki was released into the bedroom and her first comments were, "What a mess! It's alright kids, I'm here to do a bit of tidying up".

Freaking-out the rest of the group, Becki was then called to the diary room and appeared from the garden to walk straight past them without saying a word.

Emerging from the diary room almost straight away, the 33-year-old florist then proceeded to read out a laminate in a totally OTT 'Cheeky Girls' type accent.

Jay and Vic looked totally bemused, Michelle didn't look impressed, but the confirmed Londoner was soon rumbled when someone spoke to her in Italian and she didn't understand.

Having spun a yarn about coming from the Italian version of Big Brother a la Gaetano last year, she then came clean, saying, "I have one thing I must tell you... <change to English accent> I'm a bulls***er!"

The group found her ice-breaking ruse highly amusing, but Nadia jokingly called Becki a cow for winding them all up and making them think Emma was in Italy.

There followed some general 'getting to know you' chit-chat, as the new girl handed-out little prezzies to the three girls and revealed that her gift to the boys was three bottles of bubbly.

Hoo-bloody-ra, we've finally got some booze in the house after a 10-day drought!

Ahmed seemed unfazed by the whole thing, while Sheriff Stu was somewhat hyper, repeating, "This is incredible, this is incredible", and paying quite some attention to the new girl in town.

Dan and Jay remained quiet, whilst Michelle was quick to fix her blusher. Uh-oh, jealousy alert.

Quite a controversial start for the new housemate then, but she has already predicted her demise as soon as the group gets the opportunity to nominate her.

We just can't wait to see how things develop, so stick around to find out whether her early bath prediction comes true, or if she'll last the distance and win the game. Unlikely, but definitely possible.

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