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3rd Official Evictee: Marco

Kitten was booted-out as the 1st Evictee at the end of Week 1. Emma left the game at the beginning of Week 4, then Vanessa went out at the 2nd Eviction just a matter of days later.

Tonight, after five weeks in the game, Marco has become the fourth person to leave the house and the 3rd Official Evictee of this series.

Our poll suggested that he might go with a 48% majority, against Michelle's 28% and Nadia's 24%. In the official public vote that actually decided his fate, the gay student received 52% of the vote, with Michelle getting 28% and Nadia around 20%.

Pretty accurate then?

It would be impossible to detail everything the lively 20-year-old got up to during his time in the house, mainly because Marco was the life and soul, even having his own harem consisting of Emma, Michelle and Nadia.

Getting stuck-in every time there was fun to be had, Marco was one of the founders of the lip gloss b*tches on Day 2. He since instigated two food fights, had his boxer shorts ripped off by the harem, mud wrestled with both girls and boys and gave dodgy performances of Disney songs, amongst other things.

It wasn't all plain sailing for the extra-camp housemate though, as he had several slanging matches with Ahmed and arguably caused the huge bust-up of Day 20, by dancing in Jay's face.

We're not entirely sure why Marco went at this stage of the game and it may turn out to be a decision that Big Brother fans live to regret. That said, his constant mincing and high-pitched screech did have plenty of potential to annoy!

The house will certainly be a quieter place now that he's gone, not least because we'll no longer hear that immortal phrase, uttered in the totally over-the-top way that only Marco can say it: 'Daaaaahhhhhling!'

When told by Davina that he would be leaving, the Middlesex lad took it well, simply saying, "That's cool, I knew". The group sat in silence as the tears welled-up in Michelle's eyes and Nadia gave her harem buddy a big hug. Marco did not cry.

Slowly, one-by-one the others came forward, with Shell offering, "Take care", Vic shaking his hand and Jason saying, "You're a good guy, no hard feelings, eh?" The 3rd Evictee then ran around the house, all hyper like a toddler on a Smartie and pop overdose!

When it came time to go, everyone except Ahmed headed for the door and gave Marco either a hug or a handshake. However, his Somalian adversary issued the ultimate snub, by remaining sat on the sofa throughout. Like Marco was bothered?

After a half-hearted rendition of Nilsson's 'Without You', the doors opened and he was on his way. Game over.

Hearing the roar from the crowd, the poor lad looked like a rabbit caught in headlights and was temporarily stunned until Davina came and rescued him, dragging him past the Press and up onto the stage to meet his public.

Well done Marco, you gave us fun, friendship, bitching, arguments and confrontation - could we fans have asked for any more?

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