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Who Goes Tonight? YOU Decide!

Tonight, the 3rd Official Eviction of BB5 will take place and the fourth person will leave the Big Brother house.

To re-iterate, the nominees facing eviction are Marco, Michelle and Nadia, all three of the remaining harem members.

It's a shame that all three had to be up for eviction this week, but even if Becki's 'Judas kiss' hadn't put Michelle up, it would still have been two of the biggest characters in the house, Marco and Nadia.

The public really wanted rid of 'Jungle Cat' Jay this week, but that was not to be, as he was one vote short of becoming a potential evictee.

Despite saying about Vic and Jay that she would, "Flirt with those two equally - then vote them out", Becki decided not to choose the big man with her secret nomination. Hmm... anything to do with that fact that he likes his blue eyes?

It's a tough one this time but frankly, the most dispensable person if we had to choose one to go would be Michelle, as she's become something of a wallflower lately. However, we acknowledge that it would very difficult for Marco to stay.

Just as well then, because it looks like he's set to get the 'boot later tonight, although we're not entirely sure why the public want rid of him over Michelle? It could still be the Geordie lass though, so make sure you tune-in tonight to find out.

In case you're interested, it's a bit too late to bet on who might go tonight as the odds will be very low now - saying that, a £50 stake on Marco would see a profit of around £20 at the current odds. Better than nothing?

Shrewd fans, however, might wish to speculate on who might Win the series instead, by heading over to our Betting Zone section and sticking a few 'quid on Dan or Shell to Win?

At the current odds, a £30 stake would see about £80 back on Dan and about £130 back on Shell, but that's if they win of course. It's quick and easy to bet with BlueSquare and you even get a FREE £10 bet. Click the link above to check it out.

So, who stays, who goes? As always, that's down to you.

You have until around 9.30pm tonight to vote for the person you'd most like to see kicked-out of the Big Brother house this week.

To vote for Marco call: 09011 21 44 06 or text: MARCO to 84444

To vote for Michelle call: 09011 21 44 07 or text: MICHELLE to 84444

To vote for Nadia call: 09011 21 44 08 or text: NADIA to 84444

Text votes cost 25p plus network charges. Calls cost 25p. Mobile charges may vary. Please ask permission, blah, blah, blah.

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