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Emma Meets Davina

Following yesterday's official announcement that Emma is no longer in the game, at least she got to meet Davina today, even if a full Eviction exit was not to be.

Davina's first question asked the high-spirited Oldham girl if she and Michelle thought there would be fireworks when they returned to the bedsit on Wednesday night.

"Yeh, without a doubt", came her swift, and honest, reply.

Grilled on the subject of the considerable ructions that ensued that night, Emma put it down to the fact that certain housemates had been talking behind their backs.

Referring to the point when they came back from the bedsit, Emma revealed that the revengeful pair hadn't really seen Jay's face, but did notice how some of the housemates took a step back.

When Davina quizzed the dizzy admin girl over whether she understood BB's reasons for not allowing her to continue in the game, Emma replied, "I do understand... (but) I do feel a little bit cheated," before adding, "It takes two to tango".

She then told the long-standing host that if she could have come back, she would have brushed all her differences under the carpet and got on with everyone. Yeh, for about 5 minutes maybe?

About her time in the bedsit, the hyper ex-contestant amusingly said, "I thought I was trippin' when I saw that wallpaper!", going on to describe the room as smelly, but not mentioning Michelle's considerable wind!

Davina then showed a VT of her best 'bedsit' bits and Emma killed herself laughing as she watched her antics living with Michelle.

"What was it like in there?", probed Davina, which prompted a response of, "It was madness", before she further described the stint as 'good but hard'.

The subject then moved on to fellow harem members Marco and Nadia, and Emma stated that she had taken to them because, "They didn't care". The ex-housemate then revealed that she had no idea about her good pal Nadia's big secret.

Emma thought that Vanessa would be the next housemate to go and, rather surprisingly, wanted Shell to win, before Davina kind-of prompted her to choose both Nadia and Marco!

Overall, the scatter-brained 20-year-old enjoyed her Big Brother experience and told how she'd gone in 'for a laugh'. When asked what she'd learned from the experience, the answer was typically 'Emma'. "Nothing really, nowt", came her frank response.

Davina ended the interview by showing the customary 'best bits' VT, which looked absolutely crazy and made for some hilarious viewing.

So, she's no longer part of the game, but it's unlikely that fans will forget Emma and her off-the-wall and feisty behaviour for quite some time. You never know, she might even be back...

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