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Vanessa Meets Davina

Looking slightly more relaxed than when she first walked out of the house, Vanessa's interview began with mention of the booing she'd just experienced, with the recently banished blonde saying, "You've just got to take it in your stride".

Being the first evictee of the series to get the full 'crowd' experience, 'Ness confirmed that it was pretty scary. However, Davina did her best to console the ex-housemate by saying that there were lots of cheers accompanying the boos.

After stating that she was pleased to have lasted for four weeks, Vanessa was shown the nominations that took place eleven days before her exit.

When asked by Davina if she was surprised by any of them (Ahmed, Marco, Nadia, Stu and Vic), her answer was a quick, "No, not really". She was then rather philosophical about being in the house, saying, "You can't please everyone, and that's fine".

Referring to Vanessa's reaction to the food fight, Davina asked if living in the house was like looking after a bunch of kids. "Yes, I'm a complete pragmatist", said the serious student, hinting that it's in her nature to get involved in things to try and sort them out.

Once again she mentioned Africa in relation to the wasted food, but Davina jumped in and said, "I do understand... but it was just people venting a bit of energy... it was quite funny".

Davina then rolled a VT which showed Vanessa whinging about the food fight and checking-up on people to see if they'd washed-up properly in true Mum-style!

About the aftermath of the fight, Vanessa confirmed that everyone had made up and apologised, and that she'd cleared the air with Nadia. But just as she likened herself to the feisty Portguese contestant, Davina dropped the bombshell...

"Can I tell you something?", began the long-standing host, "Nadia used to be a MAN!" Vanessa was genuinely shocked at the news.

About the two bedsitter's surprise return to the house on Day 20, Vanessa said that she was pleased to see Emma. However, when it came to Michelle her sentance tailed off, hinting that she was not quite so pleased to see her!

Then came the question of the sexy South African's relationship with Jason, with Davina asking, "What was going on, because you were hot and cold?"

Despite all her canoodling, Vanessa only admitted to fancying Jay 'a bit', then described him as a lovely guy and said, "I think he likes his bum more than I do!" Surely, no-one likes his bum as much as he does?!

Having been shown a VT of the pair getting steamy (to Blondie's 'One Way Or Another' - just to save you asking us, BB fans), Vanessa blamed a lot of it on 'beer goggle' syndrome, which was not especially flattering for the big man.

She then failed to answer Davina's question about whether they might get together outside of the house, with the host then attempting to quiz her Mum on the subject, but without success. That'll be a 'no' then!

Towards the end of the interview 'Ness was shown a VT of best mate Shell saying that she'd really miss her. And on the subject of nominations, the evictee confirmed that she would have chosen Nadia and Marco next week if she'd stayed in the game.

Finally her best bits VT was shown and proved that despite all her seriousness, she did have some great fun moments during her four-week stay in the Big Brother house.

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