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2nd Official Evictee: Vanessa

She's been head-to-head with Dan for an extended period of eleven days now, but tonight Vanessa was kicked out of the house by a landslide majority in the public vote. 86% in fact.

During her month-long stay, the South African beauty has flirted with Vic and then Jay, got involved in mud wrestling matches, thrown a benny about food fights and had many a snogging 'sesh with pseudo-boyfriend Jason.

However, she will be remembered most for her seriousness and rants about how poor certain groups are around the world. Ultimately, it was probably this that brought about her downfall.

Big Brother fans want to see either fun, arguments or romance in the house, not a total stick-in-the-mud whinging about deep issues all the time and taking everything way too seriously. It's only a game, after all.

It could be said that the oft-flirty 26-year-old did offer a romance of sorts, but her relationship with Jason was frankly a little vague and one-sided; one minute she was pinching his bum, the next she was denying that she'd been near him. Strange.

Anyway, she's history now and the game continues with just nine players, broken down as six guys and three girls.

When told by Davina that she was the evictee, Vanessa seemed to take it well but was very shaky with nerves. Shell was absolutely gutted at the news, Jason showed little reaction.

When it came time to go, there were hugs, kisses and high-fives all round as she approached the door to leave, with a final group hug just before the countdown ended.

As the front door opened the considerable din of the crowd could be heard, with cheering and booing evident to all. This provoked a major rant from Vic later on about how the crowd should get a life if they don't have anything good to say.

Ness' quickly made her way towards Davina, past the waiting Press and up on to the podium. There is no 'walk of shame' as-such this year, which is quite a surprise given Big Bro's evil stance.

The slightly bewildered-looking evictee smiled away as she took-in the crowd, but all the boos had clearly registered.

Will she be missed? Evidently not by the fans, but it remains to be seen whether Jay will pine for his lost love over the coming days.

Stick with us to find out.

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