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The Bedsit Goes Ballistic!

Into the early hours of Day 17 and everything kicked off in the bedsit BIG TIME, with tears and tantrums aplenty.

As Michelle pined for her lost love Stu, the psychology student showed little sign that he was actually missing his former joined-at-the-hip pal.

Instead, he casually chatted with Vic and Vanessa in the lounge, which caused an angry and tearful Michelle to exclaim, "I feel disrespected... as soon as I'm gone he's flirting with every other girl in there".

Sobbing away and having listened to Vic's drivel, usually-upbeat Michelle described the self-styled bad boy as a 'w*nk pot', before being joined in front of the screen by Emma, who'd already gone to bed.

Perhaps she should have stayed there?

For no sooner had the Oldham girl donned the 'phones, Victor started dissing her, insinuating that she was thick and then going so far as to suggest that she was racist.

Emma went totally ballistic and jumped up-and-down in front of the screen, gesturing at Victor and waving her fist in the air.

Stu didn't help matters by saying, "She doesn't have any boundaries, does she?", but the gobby admin girl was already off on one and demanded that Big Brother let her out of the bedsit.

"Let me out of this room 'cos I wanna' fu***ng tw*t him", she screamed as Michelle struggled to hold her back. But Emma was understandably livid at the accusation and headed for the diary room in absolute hysterics.

Meanwhile, back in the house, tough guy Victor remarked, "If she (Emma) hears what I'm saying, comes through those doors and wants to make something of it, she'll lose".

He then told Stu that they'd be alright at the next nominations, because, "Everyone's gunning for everybody else". What he doesn't know, is that Emma and Michelle are right at the front of the 'gunning' queue!

Later, Emma returned from the diary room having been consoled by Big Brother, but replayed the events over and over in her head and kept repeating that she wasn't racist because she was brought up in a black community.

Still sobbing, she began to tell bedsit buddy Michelle, "If I go back in that house...", before pausing for a moment and suggesting that she'll try to be cool. "He's not beating me, no way", she concluded.

But somehow, we find it hard to believe that the pair will be making 'small talk' when they meet again.

We simply cannot wait!

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