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Reflecting On The Bust-Up

Having had 24-hours to consider what happened, we thought we'd review the events of Wednesday night and correct the odd error from our previous story.

Here's another rundown of what happened:

Firstly, Jason and Victor were seriously annoyed at the return of Emma and Michelle and spent quite some time going on about how it had ruined their game plan. Jay threatened to leave the game, whilst Vic stomped around the pamper room.

In hindsight, it seems that Jay was winding Victor up and although the Slick was unhappy, at least he'd had a laugh when his beer can wouldn't open and the girls were running around half-naked in the garden. Jay, however, remained stony faced throughout.

The food fight evidently annoyed the hell out of Jason, not least because of the mess caused, but also because Vanessa had got upset. He continually referred to the 'food fighters', including Dan, as chimpanzees.

When the aggressive Scot came and told them to clear up, Marco did a little dance near him, but not so close that it was in his face. Nadia then turned the table of food over after challenging Jay.

"I might decide to clean up", said Marco defiantly. However, Jay suddenly flipped and snapped, "I might decide to knock f*** out of you aswell". The big man then moved towards Marco wearing a wild look on his face.

At this point Nadia stepped right in front of Jay to stick up for Marco and in all fairness to him, Victor tried to avoid the conflict, saying, "Whoa, whoa, whoooa".

Meanwhile, Emma pushed Victor, and Jay continued his threatening behaviour towards Marco, telling him that he would 'tear his head off' if he ever danced in front of him again. Remember, this is the man who let a confirmed gay guy lick cream off his bum.

Victor tried to break things up but ended-up in a slanging match with Emma. The pair then threw silver platters of food at one another, with Emma being hit on the back.

That was the catalyst for the real hassle, when both parties had to be restrained. However, not before a load of abusive comments had been made, along with death threats, gesturing and threats from Victor to spit in Emma's face.

Jay then continued the trouble in the bedroom, by confronting Marco once more.This prompted Dan to say, "How is it a match?", referring to the difference in size between the pair.

When Nadia approached Shell in the bathroom to try and smooth things over, Vanessa wasn't having it and lunged at the Portuguese housemate. In a rage, Jay also manhandled Nadia but at that point the security guards arrived and dispersed the conflict.

In the Channel 4 coverage on Thursday night, both Emma and Victor got off quite lightly as it was Jay, who later referred to Marco as 'gimp boy', that appeared to be the worst offender.

Rightly so, we suspect, as he does appear to relish in manipulating people, goading them (Ahmed, Vic) and turning them to his way of thinking.

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