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Emma vs Victor: It's All Out War!

We've certainly had bust-ups in the Big Brother house before, but events of the previous four series pale into insignificance after what happened tonight.

Having returned from the bedsit at around 11pm, Emma and Michelle regrouped Marco's harem and let them know what had gone on since last Friday.

It was their deliberate ploy to act totally 'fake' and OTT for the rest of the evening in a bid to annoy Jay, Vic and crew. It worked. BIG TIME.

In one of our recent polls, over 90% of you said that you wanted to see conflict upon the girls' return, but you could never have imagined that it would go this far. For tonight, sadly, the house has erupted into near physical violence for the first time ever.

After the girls surprise reappearance, an increasingly angry Jay and Victor spent their time knocking back booze in the pamper room, whilst the rest of the group, including Vanessa, Dan and Shell, had a good time dancing and singing.

However, it all started to go pear-shaped when the harem instigated a food fight, something that caused friction and divide in the house during Week 2.

Having watched them create a huge mess both inside and outside of the house, Vanessa had had enough and made her way to the pamper room where she broke down in tears.

The upset student went into a rant about food shortages in Africa (where she had a maid and a gardener, by the way) and when Vic told her to 'cause a ruck', she said, "I'm not going to fight with someone below me... I'd rather get out, this is not good enough for me".

But a little later-on the fireworks began in dramatic style, as Victor poured wine on Emma, Jason flipped-over the food table, Nadia got pushed by Victor, Vanessa lashed-out at Nadia and Emma made a mad charge at Vic.

In a scene of total and utter chaos, there was screaming and shouting galore, with a violent Victor repeating several times, "Don't ever f*** with me Emma". Obscenities and/or accusations of racism were traded by the raging pair.

In the end, BB security had to be called, but not before Stuart struggled to hold an overly-aggressive Victor back and Dan carried a volatile Emma off to the bedroom.

Victor was eventually bundled into the diary room after Big Bro repeatedly demanded him to attend.

Stick with Big Brother Online to find out what happened in the aftermath of this explosive and unforgettable night.

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